Cash Flow

Starting your own recruitment business? Go with the flow. Cash Flow that is…… If you’re thinking about starting up your own recruitment agency it’s highly likely that you’re driven by more than one [...]


Mentor – definition ‘an experienced and trusted adviser’  Something every recruitment start up needs!  It does no harm once in a while to go back to the dictionary to check exactly what a word [...]


We’ve talked about ‘niche’ but recruitment start ups may have to get ‘nicher’.  The benefits of specialising in a particular sector are well known to the recruitment business. Deciding on a specific [...]

If you want to win

If you want to win in your own recruitment business – try not to lose the candidate! Does that sound obvious? Or are you intrigued as to what it really means? Let’s start with a fact. Recent [...]

Back to School!

It’s that time of year when everybody has new opportunities – as well as lessons to learn!  No matter how much older we get, September always brings the feelings of a new start. It’s implanted [...]