“The greatest competitor you’ll ever come up against is self-doubt.” —John McGrath It’s quite a thought. But, if you have self-doubt the chances are you’re not going to do it.

Hoops and Hurdles

You’re used to jumping through hoops. But can you overcome the hurdles? If you’re seriously considering starting your own recruitment business it’s fairly certain that you’re a recruitment consultant. 

The Concentrated Solution

Sometimes it’s best to take the concentrated solution. And never more so than when you’re starting your own recruitment business.   There’s a remedy for most ills, a solution to most problems,

Make it your future

With us behind you, your future in recruitment is in front of you   Recruitment consultants are not people who live in the past. It takes a forward thinking person to handle the demands of the job [...]

Cyber Attack

Cyber attack! As a startup …you’ll need to be aware of the threat.   It’s been a major news story recently, and the fact is the threat is not going to go away. Cyber attacks, and cyber crime in general,

The Last Word

When you want to start your own recruitment business, the last word you want to hear is ‘No’…or is it?   At face value, when you’re proposing the launch of your own recruitment business,

Gig Economy

Your “ gig” is starting your own recruitment company so it’s worth thinking about the gig economy The ‘gig economy’ is on the rise, and you need to be aware of its potential.