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Don’t allow Brexit dithering to keep your business dreams waiting

It has been well over three years since the EU referendum. While Boris Johnson wants to be the Prime Minister who ‘gets Brexit done’, we still face uncertainty on when, how and even if we will leave the EU.

If the UK leaves with a deal, that’s still only the first step in a long process. Whatever happens, we’re probably in for the long haul.

For recruiters, uncertainty is a given, but business goes on. But for those recruiters who are thinking of breaking free and starting their own business, the current climate may see those plans pushed to the back-burner. That’s a mistake, according to Paul Mizen, Managing Director of The Recruit Venture Group.

The Recruit Venture Group, which supports motivated, entrepreneurial and talented recruiters to start their own enterprises, has been continuing to support the launch of new recruitment agencies throughout 2019, unfazed by Brexit ‘noise’.

“We invest in people,” says Paul.

“Show me a recruiter who has the right attitude – that passion to deliver for clients and candidates and the desire to make money – and I will show you someone who will absolutely thrive running their own agency.

“The Recruit Venture Group model is all about reducing risk and uncertainty and giving talented recruiters the freedom to unleash their potential.

“We support around 60 recruitment business leaders up and down the country, working in a variety of sectors of the economy, so we have a pretty good feel for what’s going on. Those leaders are proving that if you are driven, committed and determined to grow a business, today’s market remains very healthy.

“We’ve supported the launch of new businesses in 2019 and we’ll keep doing it in 2020 because our model works and is delivering results. If you are an experienced recruiter looking to start their own business, for me the best time was yesterday, but the next best thing is today.”

Last month’s data from the Office for National Statistics also showed that the UK employment rate was the joint highest on record, with  wage growth at an 11-year high. Those recruiters who have been putting off starting their own business have been missing opportunities.

Recruiters who have started their business journeys with the help of The Recruit Venture Group this year have done so for clear reasons. It is about being their own boss, shaping their business and brand and making the kind of money for themselves that they were making for other people..

Those are key principles for starting a business – Brexit or no Brexit.

The Recruit Venture Group helps make it happen by providing 100% of the finance needed for launch, risk free, while also offering a full back office function including accounts, IT, payroll, credit control, HR and marketing. This allows the recruiter to focus on clients and candidates, and building revenues from the first day.


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