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Spring has sprung – time to build a business that will transform your future

“Control your destiny, or someone else will.”

This quote was attributed to Jack Welch, the legendary business leader who died this month aged 84. He was famous for changing the fortunes of the US conglomerate General Electric into a global powerhouse.

One of his strategies was to act decisively when opportunities arise.

Before 2020’s first daffodils have even emerged, The Recruit Venture Group has already helped recruitment employees break free, take control and start their own businesses.

Three agencies have already been launched and more are planned – all recruiters need to do is apply.

Springtime is always synonymous with growth and green shoots. It is a time to kick on and build. Starting a recruitment business is something that is never far from the minds of driven, talented recruiters who are always motivated to achieve more.

Bigger bonuses, promotions, more clients, larger territories, and ultimately, greater earnings.

Though, as an employee, there’s always a limit to what you can achieve. When you start your own business, there are no limits.

The Recruit Venture Group invests in recruiters by giving them a platform for business success.

Through a proven joint venture model which has already created more than 60 new business leaders, The Recruit Venture Group is supporting recruiters build enterprises worth multiples of millions.

As well as building phenomenal personal wealth, their earnings also multiply.

This is all because when you run your own business, you truly get out what you put in. Every extra client and every extra placement delivers returns to you.

It’s a powerful motivator.

The Recruit Venture Group model works by making the pathway to launching a business simple.

First, all of the finance is taken care of, 100%. Not a penny needs to be committed, and no personal assets like a house or car are at risk.

Next, the whole establishment of the business is managed from idea to first trading day. A full back office function is ready to go from day one including payroll, accounts, credit control, IT and marketing. This tailored facility allows for total business focus on recruitment, without getting tied up in admin.

Finally, The Recruit Venture Group’s senior team is on hand for support and advice at every stage.

But it is very much your business. It is your brand, your recruitment approach, your business plan. And it is your energy, your drive and your talent that will make it work. It doesn’t just deliver fantastic returns, it also delivers the ultimate sense of achievement.


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