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Want self-confidence to last a lifetime? Start a business

What gives confidence for life? A new recruitment video for the British Army has attempted to take on that question in this fast-paced world.

The advert centres on a British Army soldier, weary but determined, making his way through a barren landscape.

But he is soon set upon by a barrage of very modern distractions including social media influencer-types, worse-for-wear ‘friends’ urging him to party hard, or a new pair of trainers offering the promise of a better tomorrow.

The message is that all of these things won’t improve your sense of self worth in the long term. It is a timely bit of recruitment advertising too. As we embark on a new decade, many will be looking at how they can fundamentally change their lives for the better.

For recruiters, the promise of extra commission or a salary increase in 2020 will of course be welcome. But for those target chasers who always want more, how long will this satisfy them?

The Recruit Venture Group has now supported around 60 recruitment employees to become recruitment business owners, earning as much as their talents and drive will provide.

But aside from transforming their wealth, these recruiters have also gained new skills, new experiences and a sense of career satisfaction and self-confidence they never thought possible.

They’ve made a positive step to take control of their career, moved slightly out of their comfort zone, and grown hugely as a result.


For example, Marshall Rayner, who broke free from his old job and set up Top Team Personnel in 2014, said: “A salary and commission just doesn’t compare to the reward and satisfaction of building a business that is supporting me and my family.

“The best years of your life are spent at work, so why not use them to build your own future, rather than someone else’s?”


Recruit Venture Savi Recruitment

And Scott Saunders, who set up SaVi Recruitment in 2018, said: “I have moulded the business in my vision, and the satisfaction you get from that when clients and candidates respond positively is indescribable. It is off the scale. 

“I think the biggest fear should be the regret of never trying. It is truly life changing.”


The Recruit Venture Group gives the platform for people like Marshall and Scott to start and grow businesses with no limits to growth.

From first enquiry, the process is made clear and simple. The unique joint venture model sees all of the finance provided, risk free. The new business is established legally, office premises found, staff recruited and systems put in place.

The business plan is fine-tuned and the branding and website polished.

From day one of trading a tailored back office function is in place, catering for everything a recruitment business needs to thrive, including accounts, payroll, credit control, HR, IT and marketing.

Mentoring and support is available at every stage of growth, meaning all the new business owner has to do is focus on their main strength – recruiting.

Paul Mizen, Managing Director of The Recruit Venture Group, said: “Any recruiter with the necessary drive and ambition can make this work. The rewards can be spectacular.

“But you also see people grow as business leaders. They become more impressive individuals, they can take more on, they become more confident and they generally find out what their potential really is.

“As we all make plans for 2020 and beyond, starting a recruitment business offers a phenomenal opportunity to change lives.”

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