Why starting a business is your most achievable New Year’s Resolution

Whether it’s a full manifesto for a better you or just a few tweaks to daily life, fewer than a quarter of Brits manage to keep all of their New Year’s Resolutions.

New figures by market researchers YouGov also show more than a quarter kept precisely zero of their 2019 promises.

Recruiters will also be looking at improved professional lives — how they can be better at their jobs, or how they’ll achieve that promotion or bumper commission.

Many will have also thought about starting their own business. Maybe 2017, 2018 or 2019 was going to be the year they broke free. Now, maybe 2020 and a new decade?

But starting a business need not be another New Year’s promise broken.There’s always an excuse not to go to the gym, a reason to drink that bottle of wine or to make another Deliveroo order.

But unlike New Year’s Resolutions, at The Recruit Venture Group, we don’t set you up for failure.

Through a joint venture model, totally unique to the marketplace, The Recruit Venture Group removes those common barriers to launching a recruitment enterprise. We have already helped 60 recruiters establish their own thriving businesses and we’re helping more in 2020. You can be one of them.

Here’s why starting a recruitment business is your most achievable goal for 2020:


Financial security with no risk

The money question is usually the first mental block to starting a business so The Recruit Venture Group takes it out of the equation. We provide all of the finance needed, full stop. No costly loans, no debt worries, no risking assets, and your business can even provide you with a starting salary in the early phases.

With you at every step

From first no-obligation contact to launch day, you will have questions. Lots of questions. We understand this and that’s why we work with you on establishing your business, your plan, your goals, your branding and your values. We work with you to make your vision happen, tackling any uncertainties along the way until you’re picking up the phone to your first client.

Plug in to first-class infrastructure

Our back office function is tailored for recruitment agencies big and small. From accounts, payroll, credit control, HR, IT and marketing, you have access to ready made systems, allowing you to focus on driving your recruitment revenues.

You make it happen

Your experience, your motivation to build a phenomenal business and your natural talent makes it work. You are accountable to you, not a boss, and this is why you will back it up with success. Just speak to the 60 recruitment professionals who are now sitting on businesses worth millions. It is the ultimate motivator.

Expert business brains

We don’t expect you to be a fully formed Richard Branson. And you don’t need to be. We offer mentoring support for everything from big decisions to little niggles. And if you do come up against a tricky client or some other roadblock – we’ve got your back.


Take that step today…

So if you want 2020 to truly transform your life, start here…

Make 2020 the year you earn something much bigger than commissionself-confidence