Dream holiday? How about your dream recruitment business?

Schools breaking up, your email inbox clogged with ‘out of office’ responses, it can only be one time of year.

Many hard working recruiters will have spent the last few months planning a well-earned holiday this summer. In fact, figures from Nationwide suggest Brits spend up to a quarter of their disposable income getting away from it all.

But those lazy days on the beach in some far flung oasis only last for a week or two and then it’s back to the day job.

So before planning the next dream trip, how about making plans for the vast majority of the year when you are not on leave? How about planning for your dream recruitment business?

Many ambitious recruiters will certainly have thought about one day running their own enterprise, but what would that look like?

The Recruit Venture Group has helped 55 recruitment employees launch their own enterprise. Every business is different and has been moulded in their image.

Here’s how we help you shape your dream recruitment agency:


Hitting your target market

Hitting your target market

Whether it’s finding an opportunity to really nail the local healthcare recruitment market, or catering to big volume clients in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, we help you pinpoint where you can make most impact.

Our top mentoring team helps fine-tune your business plan to ensure your new agency breaks into the market from day one, achieving key milestones along the way.


Standing out from the crowd

Standing out from the crowd

You’ve chosen your market, but what will make your business different?

Some businesses launched with The Recruit Venture Group have offered free training to bring unemployed workers into the labour market. Some are using social media and digital platforms creatively. Others just want to offer that gold-plated, personal service that their previous employers never could.

Key to this is branding, PR and marketing and we offer all of the help and advice you need. From your company name, logo design, website, through to your advertising and promotion, we help you deliver a clear, consistent and memorable brand to your target clients and candidates.


Matching your growth ambition

Matching your growth ambition

Do you want to open your second office before the end of year two? Do you want to build your team from three to seven in 12 months? Do you want double-digit profit growth year-on-year?

The Recruit Venture Group helps give your business the sustainable platform from which you can reach your targets. From offering 100% of the finance you need to deliver on your business plan through to our comprehensive, tailored back office solution, there will never be any limit to what your business can achieve.


Reap the rewards

Reap the rewards

A dream business is also a profitable one. That means you will finally be earning the kind of money your hard work deserves, not a limited salary. That means you will be watching the value of your business grow, year after year. You look after it, it looks after you, now and in the future.

The Recruit Venture Group has launched recruitment businesses up and down the country and all have one thing in common, they are owned by great recruiters.



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With potential like that, why not plan this summer for your dream business, as well as your next dream holiday?

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