A salary alone is not the key to personal wealth

How wealthy are you?

For driven, talented recruitment employees working for a salary, the answer is probably, “not wealthy enough”!

But Government statistics have revealed we are now wealthier than ever, with UK wealth now at nearly £13 trillion.

People are often tempted into recruitment because of the salary and bonus structures on offer

Paul Mizen The Recruit Venture Group 2

The wealthiest are those in their 60s (average wealth £332,000) and those who live in the South East (on average £175,000 per adult).

That’s not down to wage increases, but down to property and investments. The lesson for people is that to be truly wealthy, you need to build your asset wealth, not just rely on a salary.

Many recruiters get to the stage where they feel like they have maxed out their earning potential. They’ve hit their targets, they’ve scored a promotion, but there’s always a glass ceiling.

As the Office for National Statistics figures show, you need to invest in something to generate serious wealth. And in recruitment, that either means buying into a business, or better and more likely, starting your own agency.

The Recruit Venture Group has already helped 55 recruitment employees take that very step. These are recruiters who knew they could multiply their earnings by taking home more of the money their talents were generating.

But more than that, they are an owner of a growing enterprise. Every hard-earned client, and every satisfied candidate, goes towards building the value of their business, and by extension, their asset wealth.

Paul Mizen, The Recruit Venture Group’s Managing Director, said: “People are often tempted into recruitment because of the salary and bonus structures on offer. And at first, it seems like you can make a tidy sum.

“But it doesn’t take long to realise that those earnings are a fraction of what they are making for their bosses. When it comes to wealth, business ownership is the only true way to maximise your net worth.

“The Recruit Venture Group is here to offer a gateway to entrepreneurship. The recruitment agency bosses we have created have not only increased their earnings many times their old salaries, but are also building businesses worth millions.”

From initial call, to the launch of the business, recruiters contacting The Recruit Venture Group can become their own boss within just a few months.

With 100% of the finance needed for launch provided, as well as supplying a complete back office solution, The Recruit Venture Group’s joint venture structure means starting the business is simple, and straightforward.

As a new boss, you are free to focus on the recruitment and generating revenues, with everything else taken care of.

Many recruitment leaders say building a financial legacy, and having something to pass on to children or loved ones, is one of the main motivators behind deciding to start their own business.


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With The Recruit Venture Group you can transform your wealth and your financial future.

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