Start-ups: How the back office can give you an edge

Perhaps it is the name, but when a function of a business is labelled ‘back office’ it can seem as if it doesn’t really matter.

But when a newly launched recruitment business faces an overhead of thousands of pounds per month just to run the functions known as ‘back office’, perhaps it is time to sit up and take notice.

Hiring in accountancy and payroll services, HR and legal expertise, IT consultancy and marketing and PR can be phenomenally expensive, especially in those early days of a start-up where cash flow is a matter of survival.

So the back office may not be a sexy subject, but by offering the full suite of administrative support, it is clear to see why The Recruit Venture Group offers a huge advantage for talented recruitment professionals looking to start their own agency.

The Recruit Venture Group finds driven, ambitious recruiters who are looking to reap the full rewards of their hard work and who want to see where their talents can take them.

The Recruit Venture Group offers them 100% of the finance needed to launch their own independent business, risk free, and works with them to plan the launch. It can all happen within just a few months of the first conversation where its joint venture model smoothly and quickly opens the doors to entrepreneurship.

With the back office taken care of, the new recruitment entrepreneur is left to channel their energies and talents into recruiting. That means the revenues come in from day one, and with none of the worries of back office overheads escalating out of control.

In those early days when there are so many plates to spin, having that security with cash flow is so vital.

But The Recruit Venture Group is also about offering peace of mind on the quality of it’s back office service.

New entrepreneurs starting a business cannot afford mistakes when starting out. Imagine a serious payroll error meaning new candidates were not paid on time – it would be hugely damaging.

The Recruit Venture Group back office function already supports 49 recruitment businesses with a team of experienced staff who know exactly what the industry requires. This is a back office function that is specifically set up for the recruitment sector, helping new businesses to expand and grow.

That support grows seamlessly as the business expands, meaning scaling up the Enterprise comes without barriers.

Paul Mizen, The Recruit Venture Group Managing Director, said: “The back office may seem just the “stuff” of business, but you only need to mess up your payroll, accounts or IT once to understand how crucial it is to get right.

Paul Mizen The Recruit Venture Group 2

“The Recruit Venture Group offers a comprehensive solution which is tailored specifically to the needs of the recruitment sector.

“Not only do our new joint venture partners get a first-class back office function from day one, they can also then focus purely on building clients, filling vacancies and driving revenues, knowing it is all taken care of.

“For a new start-up, that’s a huge advantage over someone who has launched a business solo.”

To find out how The Recruit Venture Group can help you go from recruitment employee to entrepreneur.

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