Seven steps that could lead the way to starting up your own recruitment business.

The renowned business writer and media expert Germany Kent has defined seven steps to transforming your life. Her career to date would indicate that she delivers sound advice on how to improve your life and better yourself. Interestingly, although she hadn’t intended those seven steps to refer specifically to starting up a recruitment business, they do have an uncanny resonance with doing just that.
If you’re a recruitment professional, tired of working for someone else and dreaming of starting up on your own, it’s worth considering this progression which, unsurprisingly, starts with dreaming it.
It goes like this –

1. Dream it.

You have to have the dream. Call it it ambition, or desire, but ultimately it’s about having the dream. You have to want to do this.

2. Envision it.

Start to make it more than just a dream by creating a picture of what your business will look like. Will it specialise in a particular sector? Where will it be based? What will be your point of difference? What will your brand be?

3. Think it.

Make real plans. Think it through. You need funding. You will have to arrange premises. There’s the question of legally incorporating your company. How will you get state of the art, reliable, systems in place and be operational from the day you get your first client?

4. Grow it.

This is a big one. It’s about growing the business in terms of nurturing it from dream to reality, and it’s also about growing it as a going concern. That means finding more clients, sourcing more candidates and fighting your way through a notoriously competitive market. To do that you need the backing and cash flow stability to allow you to focus. It’s one of the biggest challenges.

5. Become it.

It sounds a bit esoteric. A bit ‘spiritual’. But it’s good advice. You have to give everything to your business. This won’t be about riding out a bad month because, hey, it’s not your problem. It is your problem. You’ll have to be in touch with every aspect of your business to react to and address every twist and turn. It’s very closely linked to ‘Grow it’.

6. Live it.

It doesn’t stop there. You really do have to live it. And love it. This will be your life now. And your living. It all works only if you can create a situation where you have all of that security and backing to allow you to get on with the job.

7. Own it.

The big one. The one that’s it’s all about. The dream – of starting up and owning your own recruitment business. And to do that you pretty much have to tick boxes 1 to 6 first.

Your absolute first step then should be to talk to us. At the Recruit Venture Group we specialise in helping recruitment professionals start up on their own.

We guide you through the legalities of setting up your own business, including helping you to arrange premises. We’ll help too with your branding and website.

Vitally, we provide 100% risk free funding. You get shares in, and dividends from, your own company. You’ll be able to pay yourself a salary from the start, giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on growing your business.

You also get full access to our back office and systems. That’s more peace of mind, and more stability, drilling right down to cash flow and invoicing.

All of that means you’re in the right place to really live the dream. Own it in fact.

We do need to know that you have five years consecutive experience in the recruitment industry, and ideally three years track record within the same sector.
If you do, and you have the dream, and you can envision where you’re going, we should talk. APPLY NOW.

With our support you can grow it, become it, live it and – of course – own it.

If you have 5 years minimum experience in recruitment,

3 most recently in the sector you wish to launch, we’d love to talk to you

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