Why great recruiters make greater business leaders

What does it take to be a successful leader?

It’s a question ringing around the country right now, as Conservative politicians queue up to be the next Prime Minister. Whoever gets into Number 10 will almost certainly have the toughest job in the country

Delivering Brexit in a form that can be badged as a success, while also bringing together a divided nation, will demand a leader of exceptional qualities.

The common thread was that they were all fantastic recruiters.

Paul Mizen The Recruit Venture Group 2

But the media focus seems to be more about their shortcomings than their strengths including details dug up from the past that they rather hoped had been forgotten.

In business, thankfully, there is less scrutiny. But for those taking that first step as a leader and launching their own business, the basic question remains – have they got what it takes?

Many successful recruiters who are hitting targets and generating serious money for their companies know they would be seriously better off if they were running their own enterprise. They are fantastic recruiters, but can they be fantastic leaders?

So many are put off because of the financial risk, lack of experience and worries over all the additional cost and expertise associated with accounts, payroll, legal, IT systems and more.

That’s where The Recruit Venture Group comes in.

The reality is that successful leaders recognise that they need good support. They recognise where their strengths are, and where they have weaknesses and gaps in knowledge.

In politics, the Prime Minister has close advisers and aides. In business, savvy entrepreneurs know that getting the right people in their corner is essential to launching a new enterprise.

The Recruit Venture Group has already helped 55 recruitment professionals start their own business. What they have in common is not vast experience of owning and running enterprises, but a track record of success in recruitment. They are motivated to earn, they are determined to deliver for clients and candidates, and they are already performing in their job as if it is their own business.

This is the kind of leader The Recruit Venture Group is looking for. Everything else is taken care of.

The joint venture model established by The Recruit Venture Group ensures that 100% of the finance needed for launch is provided, completely risk free. There is no living hand-to-mouth off credit cards, or risking the family home and assets.

And crucially the essential business infrastructure – the back office – is supplied completely by The Recruit Venture Group’s tailored and market-leading service.

That means, for example, that payroll ensures temps are paid on time, accounts ensures that finances are in order and IT ensures that computer systems are running smoothly.

Mentoring support is available from The Recruit Venture Group team at all times, drawing on a vast experience across the whole industry.

The model is about enabling the recruiter’s talents to shine, focusing on what they have always done well – delivering for clients and candidates. This is their business, their brand, and they call the shots. They are the leaders.

Paul Mizen, The Recruit Venture Group Managing Director, said: “The 55 business leaders we have helped start their own business come from a range of backgrounds and have a range of personalities. The common thread was that they were all fantastic recruiters.

“Whether leaders are born or made, it doesn’t matter to us. Our model proves that if you put driven recruiters in a position of business leadership, where they really can reap the full reward of their efforts, you see the results in the dynamic, thriving and growing businesses they create.”


The Recruit Venture Group is looking for more motivated, talented business leaders in 2019.

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