Some things to ponder on from across the pond.

They make a lot of sense if you’re thinking about starting up your own recruitment business.

Forbes – the leading source of business and entrepreneurial comment in the USA have some interesting views on start ups. It might sound immodest but we think they seem to agree with our views on starting up recruitment businesses.

Take a look at some of their key points.


Picking the right moment to start your own business is vital. Consider what’s going on in the market, and indeed your personal situation. Get your business plan in order, even if that means taking a bit more time to get it right.

We’d agree with all of that. We’d only add that if you’d like to talk to us about starting up, we’d need to know that you have five years continuous recruitment experience and that you’ve spent three of those years specialising in a particular sector.

The ‘clean’ budget’

The advice here is about being thorough. And prudent. If you’ve got funding, from a backer, don’t just stick it in your account and start drawing on it to cover your expenses. Plan your budget in detail and if ‘number crunching’ isn’t your strongest point get expert help to do it. We wouldn’t disagree with a syllable. Come to us and we’ll provide 100%, risk free, funding. But, we’ll want to see your business plan and we’ll do the number crunching with you. In detail.

Self discipline

Discipline about money is important, but so too is the need for control over every aspect of running the business. Forbes suggest setting realistic goals, benchmarking your progress and acknowledging that it’s going to take extra input in the early stages are all important tips and attitudes. You won’t hear us disagree. What’s more we’ll be with you to advise and support, giving you the benefit of our knowledge and experience.

Social Skills

It’s about getting out there, meeting people and expanding your network. Winning new business to grow your company. Again, absolutely right. To be frank though, you’ve got to do that. It’s your company now.

That said, with the level of support and access to back office systems we provide for you, you will have the time and freedom to get out there in a way that many  start ups don’t. Also, with us behind you you’ll be able to pay yourself a salary, which is even more peace of mind, allowing for even more focus.


This is what Forbes have to say under the heading of ‘Flexibilty’.

Investing your energy and emotions into a business plan is what a good entrepreneur does – being married to one specific method or course of action is not. You should constantly be on the lookout for ways to adjust what you’re doing to greater success, and be utterly unafraid to make those changes’.

It’s all true. We’d draw your attention to some of the above. Being able to adopt and adapt, stay in touch with your market and be ‘unafraid’ is much easier when you have the support of the Recruit Venture Group behind you.


Our American friends were pretty clear about this one. Their main points are, there are different ways of obtaining finance, so choose the right one for you. And you do need money.

Well, we’re specialists in financing recruitment start ups which we think means we are the right ones for you. You do need money. We can help.

Enough said.

Follow through

This was interesting. Like us, Forbes believe that you have to have the endeavor and willingness to ‘get your hands dirty’ to bring your idea to fruition. They also say that you absolutely must have ‘experience in the industry your start up exists in’. No quibbles from us. In fact, before we go any further, we insist that you have at least five years continuous experience in recruitment, and that you’ve spent around three years in a specific sector.

Taking all of that into consideration then it seems that if you’re serious about starting your own recruitment business you need to meet all of the above criteria. It seems too that in order to meet all of those requirements you need money, support and guidance from exactly the right kind of experts. And we seem to meet all of those criteria.

Sounds to us like we should talk. Why ponder further?


If you have 5 years minimum experience in recruitment,

3 most recently in the sector you wish to launch, we’d love to talk to you

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