The amazing things you can do when you launch your own business

Many people have dreams of launching their own business. They think about what they can achieve, and the legacy they can build.

Too few people actually take that first step.

But of the 55 recruiters that The Recruit Venture Group has so far helped into business ownership, most say they wish they had done it sooner, and all say they have never looked back.

Because it is not just the fact that they are now fully reaping the rewards of their hard work, making more money and building the value of their own business. They are also now able to step out of the day-to-day and achieve things that as employees would not have been possible.

Take Jamie Wingrave, whose Jark Ipswich business grabbed the opportunity to play a key role in an episode of the BBC’s DIY SOS fronted by Nick Knowles. The programme came to Suffolk to take on the challenge of helping a married father-of-one who was left with brain damage following a savage attack he endured after watching a football match. His home needed a series of renovations and adaptations to improve his quality of life.

Jamie and his Jark Ipswich team worked evenings and weekends, including regular visits to the site, to supply the labour needed for the DIY SOS team to get the job done. Local media even carried several news stories about their experiences. The final reward came at the start of 2019 when the show aired on primetime BBC One, where they could see the fruits of their hard work.

Jamie described it as a “once in a lifetime” opportunity that will never be forgotten.


Carestaff Bureau logo how it works

Another example comes from Carestaff Bureau, launched by former recruitment employee Andrew McGeorge in 2016, with the support of The Recruit Venture Group.

The healthcare recruitment specialist has helped 110 unemployed people, with no previous experience of the care sector, into permanent jobs. This again attracted local media attention.

Their pioneering approach has seen them deliver, for free, the skills training those unemployed people needed to secure care work. It was also a way of grappling head-on with the lack of available candidates in the South East where they are based.

Giving candidates the platform for an entirely new career, while at the same time better meeting the needs of clients is a double win and has been incredibly rewarding for Andrew and his team.


Some new entrepreneurs have also gone on to become important voices in their local business community. Gary Whittred, who launched Jark King’s Lynn, in Norfolk, was given media coverage for calling for the dualling of a busy and important A-road, the A47, which is the subject of a region-wide campaign to upgrade it.

Many other businesses launched with the help of The Recruit Venture Group have gone on to do other fantastic work, including charity initiatives, sponsoring local sports teams and supporting their communities generally.

These are all things that can be done and achieved when you launch your own business. These are also the things that very often become career highlights and moments to be proud of.

The Recruit Venture Group model is all about letting the recruiter set the values and culture of their business. By offering 100% of the finance needed, risk-free, while also offering a comprehensive and ongoing back office support solution, including accounts, payroll, IT, HR and marketing, it gives recruiters the perfect platform to succeed and shape the business to their vision. It also frees up the new entrepreneur to get out into the marketplace from day one and drive revenues, safe in the knowledge that the rest is taken care of.

This is especially important in the early days of a start-up, where so many people who go launch a business solo fall by the wayside, burdened by worries over cash, and getting bogged down in administration. The Recruit Venture Group’s joint venture model breaks down these barriers.

And once the business is established, there are no limits. No limits to revenues, profitability, the expansion into multiple offices and of course, no limit to the amazing things that can be achieved which go beyond business as usual.


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