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Jark Ipswich supports BBC DIY SOS: Big Build Project.

When DIY SOS: The Big Build recently called upon the local community surrounding Mildenhall to supply tradesman and suppliers, Jark Ipswich quickly offered their services to recruit qualified labourers and help transform the home of a local man and his family.

With the renovation work to begin within a few weeks, their team of recruiters quickly began contacting candidates with details of the project and were overwhelmed by the offer of support and response they received.

“The response we received was fantastic, I had so many candidates willing to give us their time and support to the project, that I could have filled the job five times over” said Jamie Wingrave, Owner of Jark Ipswich.

Jark Ipswich supplied a team of seven skilled tradesman to the DIY SOS Big Build Project comprising of plasterers, painter/decorators, dry liners and a telehandler, and work began on the house on Tuesday 14th November 2017 presented by Nick Knowles.

In 2015, Suffolk man Simon had his life dramatically changed when after supporting his football team at an away game, he was set-upon by a gang of men, in an unprovoked attack leaving him fighting for his life in intensive care and subsequently permanently brain damaged.

Simon’s house had become unfit for purpose to support his rehabilitation and proving to be a massive strain on his family’s life. As part of the BBC’s DIY: Big Build project his home has been completely transformed to provide the space Simon and his family now need to build a better life for themselves.

Jark Ipswich Ltd provide recruitment services to the local Industrial, Construction and Healthcare businesses and are joint venture partners of The Recruit Venture Group who provide back office support services and funding to help recruiters launch and grow their own businesses.


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