Five ways we create recruitment businesses built to survive and thrive

Most businesses fail within five years.

It’s a hard truth that starting an enterprise is a risky business. The Office for National Statistics’ latest data shows just 43% of businesses make it past their fifth year.

Launching a business knowing that the odds are against it surviving is one of the many reasons why so many never give it a try.

The Recruit Venture Group, however, is turning those statistics on their head. Recruitment businesses established under our unique joint venture model have a survival rate is over 85%*.

That’s because The Recruit Venture Group tackles the key reasons for why businesses fail head-on. The results have led to recruiters, with no previous experience of business leadership, building businesses worth on average turning over, on average, £3 million a year. So far, 55 recruiters have taken that step and have not looked back.


The Recruit Venture Group supports talented recruiters to launch enterprises built to last. Here’s how:


Risk FreeAll the funding you need, risk free

Lack of finance and having to take out loans on expensive terms means many budding entrepreneurs start with one arm tied behind their backs.

But when it comes to capital, The Recruit Venture Group doesn’t mess around. Every penny of the finance needed for launch is offered, risk free, without question. Ambitious business plans are matched with the money needed to make them happen.



Preparing for success

Preparing for success

Even experienced, talented recruiters need meticulous preparation and a clear plan. The Recruit Venture Group works with its joint venture partners on a bulletproof business model that will guide the new enterprise from day one through to an established recruitment agency. Every aspect of establishing the business, from initial rough plan through to launch, is taken care of.




Ready-made infrastructure

Ready-made infrastructure

How many businesses hemorrhage money on IT systems, on accounts and payroll solutions and on HR and legal expertise? And how much time slips away managing these relationships, and how often do they fail to deliver on expectations?

The Recruit Venture Group offers a back office solution that completely removes that headache and money pit.  All of those functions are not just taken care of, but they are tailored to the needs of a recruitment business. That’s a huge saving in both time and money and allows our joint venture partners to focus on generating revenues and building relationships with clients and candidates.


Cash is King

Cash is King

Cashflow kills so many businesses. But everything mentioned above is about The Recruit Venture Group offering a model which maxmises income and minimises costs.

Our new leaders start generating revenues from day one. No money worries, no time-wasting on the administration. We want that cashflow statement looking healthy as early as possible.



Start up

A guiding hand

Lack of access to good mentoring and business support is a regularly quoted reason why businesses fail to survive. Experienced brains are hard to find and can charge big consultancy fees.

The Recruit Venture Group senior team, which has decades of experience between them, is on hand at every step of the business journey for advice and support. With a vast range of experience, we ensure help is there when it is needed most.

Paul Mizen, Managing Director of The Recruit Venture Group said: “You can be placing a thousand candidates a week, but if you are burning through costs or have borrowed stacks of money on bad terms, then you will run into trouble.

“A recruitment business built to survive is not just one that generates revenues, but one that minimises risk. That’s what we help create.”


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*Calculation 8/54 = 0.148. 1-0.148*100 = 85.2(%)



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