Your business is your gateway to a better life

Recruitment is a great career, but as you rise through the ranks, the hours get longer, the responsibility bigger, and the pressure increases.

Many recruiters find themselves working and making the same sacrifices as if they were running their own business. Yet the money they make mostly ends up in the pockets of the bosses.

In fact, that’s one of the primary reasons why high achieving, motivated and committed recruiters choose to start their own enterprise. They get to point where they want their skills, experience and talent to work for them, not someone else.

But in the case of Glynne Dyer and Marshall Rayner, who both have started their own recruitment businesses with the support of The Recruit Venture Group, it has also been the ticket to a better way of life.

Marshall, for example, was previously building up, from scratch, the entire driving division of a national recruiter. He was getting up at 5am, driving 5,000 miles a month, and feeling completely spent by the end of the week, with the weekends spent recovering. He didn’t have enough time for his children and they were growing up before his eyes. It was time for a change.

“There’s no way I would have had the flexibility to do that in my last job.”

Marshall Rayner Top Team

A phone call from The Recruit Venture Group was the start. Within a few months, Top Team Personnel was launched, and Marshall’s own business now fits in with him and his life.

“Not only do I make more, and build the value of a business which I own, I now can have breakfast and dinner with my family,” said Marshall. “My son likes football, so I can also take him to training after school. There’s no way I would have had the flexibility to do that in my last job. My business has given me everything.”

For Glynne, who started Vanta Staffing back in June 2017, family was also on his mind when he made the leap from employee to entrepreneur.

“I had achieved promotions in my last roles, but I got to a place where I was no longer earning commission, and my pay was actually starting to go down,” said Glynne.

“Starting my own business was about putting that right. I knew I had the potential to earn a lot more, but also to build the value of a business that will create a financial legacy to support my three children in years to come,” he said.

“The Recruit Venture Group took all the uncertainty away. Their model is absolutely bulletproof and the results speak for themselves.”

Glynne Dyer Vanta Staffing Quote

Within 18 months, Vanta Staffing was turning over £2.7 million per year. After a little over two years, Glynne is also in a place where he can take some money out of the business as a reward for his hard work getting it off the ground.

Both Glynne and Marshall say the same thing; starting a business was the best thing they have ever done, for their wealth, their careers and, crucially, for their quality of life.

The Recruit Venture Group can make it happen for you.

Almost 60 recruiters have now taken the same transformational step as Glynne and Marshall and started their own business.

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