Big recruitment business opportunities after more strong figures

For all the continuous talk of uncertainty in the UK economy, the underlying numbers in the job market remain as solid as a rock.

This week’s official figures continue to show stability, with average weekly wage growth at an inflation-busting 3.9 per cent – an 11-year high. People in work is also now at a joint record high, with 76.1 per cent in employment.

And although there are recognised challenges in finding enough skilled people to fill vacancies, recruitment agencies are also finding big opportunities to win new clients and secure better, higher paid jobs for their candidates.

Paul Mizen, Managing Director of The Recruit Venture Group, said: “For nearly a year now I have spoken about how some people in recruitment are talking themselves into a crisis of confidence when it comes to the future of the economy.

“And for nearly a year, I have said that there has never been a better time to start a recruitment business.

“For any talented recruiter that has sat on their hands for the last year, wondering whether to launch their own agency, has so far missed out on a great time to do business.

“If you are a recruitment employee who has an entrepreneurial spirit and if you have always wanted to take control of your career, make your own decisions, multiply your earnings tenfold, while building a business worth millions, then ask yourself: ‘If not now, then when?’

“I don’t listen to the noise, and that’s why The Recruit Venture Group is helping more talented recruiters in 2019 to launch their own recruitment businesses. I’m putting my money where my mouth is.”

The positive Office for National Statistics figures also show that the employment rate is the joint highest since 1971. The Government and economists have branded the figures as a source of strength for the UK economy.

A report by Bibby Financial Services in 2018 found that 10,000 new recruitment businesses had been registered with Companies House in that year alone. It found that most recruitment leaders were expecting growth in 2019.

The Recruit Venture Group exists to open the doors to entrepreneurship. Talented recruiters are given a pathway to success, no matter what the economic conditions.

By offering 100 per cent of the finance needed for launch, risk free, and offering a comprehensive, ready-made, recruitment back office solution, all the building blocks of the new enterprise are taken care of. With mentoring available from The Recruit Venture Group’s vastly experienced senior team at every stage of the business journey, the new entrepreneurs are allowed to focus fully on recruitment and driving those revenues.

The unique, proven joint venture model has already helped 55 recruitment employees into entrepreneurship, who are all now leading businesses at various stages of growth.

The process from the first, confidential enquiry to The Recruit Venture Group, to the business opening for business, can be as quick as a few months.


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Recruiters who want to take advantage of a remarkably strong UK jobs market and start their own enterprise, can take the first step on the journey today.

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