It’s spring. So take your career out of hibernation and do something exciting.

Like start your own recruitment business.

Spring. Nature is waking up. And you? You’re probably facing the figures for the next quarter.

It really is time you took your career out of hibernation and decided to fly. Now is the  time to realise the ambition that you’ve been thinking through all winter. The ambition that, again, was top of your New Year Resolution list. That constant desire to start your own recruitment business. What’s stopping you now?

There has probably never been a better time to start up your own recruitment business as a joint venture with The Recruit Venture Group.

Paul Mizen The Recruit Venture Group

If you’re serious about it, we’re here to help. Our sole aim is to support recruitment professionals in setting up high performance, high street visible, recruitment businesses. 100% risk free funding is available and we’ll back that backing with back office systems. We give you HR and legal advice, as well as help with payroll, marketing and cash flow. And we’re there to mentor and support you.

If you’re a recruitment professional with the desire to start your own business you’ll find The Recruit Venture Group has the most effective route to your goal.


There are over 40 successful recruitment businesses, spread across the uk, who have launched as joint ventures with The Recruit Venture Group.

Like them you’ll be running your own business, establishing your own brand and building your own future.

Supported and financially secure you’ll be able, with our 100% backing, to give 100% of your focus and effort to doing what you do best. Recruitment. That’s what makes our joint ventures succeed. Free of financial worries, autonomous but not alone, they can concentrate on what counts. The business. Their business.

Make your move now!…

Stop hibernating. Start making things happen. It’s spring. Make a start.

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