Why a successful partnership is at the heart of every successful business

The rebrand of John Lewis and Waitrose this month has put the strength of its partnership working at the heart of everything it does.

The new ‘John Lewis and Partners’ and ‘Waitrose and Partners’ brands were launched with an advert worthy of those it famously puts out at Christmas


The rebrand is all about focusing on the fact it is an employee ownership organisation and how that feeling of equal partnership makes the organisation stronger overall.

And who could argue? In what has been an extremely tough environment for retail lately, with the struggles of rival department stores like House of Fraser, John Lewis looks to be robust.

The power of a collaborative work environment is clear to most. For experienced recruiters who have considered the ultimate career move of running their own business, one of the biggest things putting them off is not having the support needed to make it happen. In short, it’s the thought that you’re on your own.

But starting your new recruitment venture with The Recruit Venture Group means you are never on your own. Like John Lewis and Waitrose, it is the partnership that is the secret to the success of its unique model.

The Recruit Venture Group is already supporting 46 recruitment businesses up and down the country, offering all the support they need to thrive. These are businesses started by people, sometimes with just a few years’ recruitment experience, but working with The Recruit Venture Group to build their new enterprises, often into multi-million pound organisations.

The Recruit Venture Group starts by offering 100% of the finance needed to launch the busines. That means no awkward, difficult conversations with bank managers and no worries about taking on a stack of debt. Next, it provides all of the back office support a new and growing business needs, from accountancy, payroll, legal and compliance, IT, and marketing and PR. That in itself costs new businesses many thousands to put in place before they can even think about generating revenues. And finally, the Recruit Venture Group’s top team has what amounts to decades of experience in recruitment to give to new entrepreneurs to help steer them on the right track.

When this bedrock of support is mixed with the determination, passion and natural talent of an experienced recruiter, the 46 thriving businesses already thriving tells the story of a winning partnership.

Paul Mizen, Managing Director of The Recruit Venture Group, said: “The Recruit Venture Group was set up precisely because we knew there were many experienced and driven recruitment professionals out there who would be more than capable or running their own business, if only they had the right support.

“John Lewis and Waitrose are putting collaboration at the heart of everything they do, knowing that when you own a part of business, you are more driven to make it succeed. At The Recruit Venture Group I’m personally seeing people who were simply recruitment employees on a fairly static pay structure, completely transformed by launching their own business, and who are now realising just how far their talents can take them. We just let them get on and recruit and start generating revenues from the first day of trading. It really is very satisfying to see and a testament to the power of our unique joint venture model.”

It is very much the new entrepreneur which drives the business day-to-day. It is their vision, their brand, their strategy and their future legacy, all supported by The Recruit Venture Group.

Can you work together? …

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