Make 2020 the year you earn something much bigger than commission

2020 could be the year you kiss goodbye to commission and a salary.

In a good way.

Because in recruitment, when you work for someone else, there’s always limits. No matter how talented you are, or how hard you work, your earnings will always have a cap.

Your end of year appraisal may well have included a promised promotion, pay rise or commission enhancement, but these things have a habit of never quite materialising.

That’s why recruiters are increasingly coming to us to talk about sweeping away those limitations by starting their own business.

The Recruit Venture Group has already helped around 60 recruitment professionals build a business worth much more than salaries, commissions and promotions. We want to help more people in 2020.

We work with recruiters who want to keep more of the money they are making for someone else and where every satisfied client and every placed candidate goes towards building their personal wealth.

The businesses we have helped launch are turning over, on average £2.7 million within just three years, and generating take home earnings many times that of a fixed monthly salary.

Paul Mizen, Managing Director of The Recruit Venture Group said: “People don’t truly understand the potential of running a recruitment business until they look into it seriously. 

“When I speak to recruiters who are making their first enquiries, they are cautiously excited about the prospect. When we finish the conversation about how The Recruit Venture Group can help make their ambition a reality, they want to start the same day – it’s that powerful.”

“If you are a recruiter who is always chasing the next target, who is motivated to make money by doing an exceptional job, and who has the work ethic to build something that will set them up for life financially, then it is the right step for you.

“We think 2020 is going to be a big year of opportunity for the recruitment industry.”

The Recruit Venture Group exists to help talented recruiters make the smooth transition to entrepreneurship. Our main goal is ensuring focus — allowing recruitment professionals to use their experience and skill to drive revenues and not get bogged down in red tape and admin.

Our joint venture model makes it happen. First we take care of all of the finance needed for launch, risk free. That means no loan deals on crippling interest rates, and no relying on credit cards or building up bad debts.

Next, we offer all of the back office support needed for the business to launch, grow and thrive. That means you don’t have to worry about hiring accountants, credit controllers, HR specialists, marketing agencies, or tech and IT support. We provide a service tailored to your business goals.

We’ll get the business established legally, find office space, provide capacity for hiring staff, and everything else needed to start trading.

We just let recruiters do what they do best and that’s what makes our approach so successful.


2019 saw five new start up stars launched by The Recruit Venture Group

Quite a year.

If more evidence was needed that The Recruit Venture Group’s joint venture business model is the ideal route for recruitment start ups, then 2019 would provide it.

Five new recruitment businesses were launched with the backing of The Recruit Venture Group during the last twelve months.

Recruit Venture Staff365

Staff 365 had opened open their doors for business in the previous December. By January they were up and running in Rotheram. Tom Brooke had twelve years experience under his belt and had regularly exceeded targets set for him. It was time to do it his way.  He launched Staff 365 as a joint venture with The Recruit Venture Group. He said: “It was a big decision. I had a good job and was earning good money but giving all that up to run my own business was definitely the right decision”. He has not looked back for a moment.

Recruit Ventures Total Support Recruitment

In June, Scott Treacher launched Total Support Recruitment with total support and backing from The Recruit Venture Group. The Rugby based agency specialising in the aviation, commercial and driving sectors was ready to service clients across the uk from day one. Scott has firm views on how he made it happen. “I always had a good feeling about launching with The Recruit Venture Group and it’s turned out really well,” he said. “The support on offer is second to none; everything you need to launch and grow a successful recruitment agency is available. Having that support behind you allows you and your team to hit the ground running and start building revenues from day one”.

Just a couple of months later, in August 2019, Samantha Hunter launched

SH Recruitment Samantha Hunter

S H Recruitment. Based in Leamington Spa her mission was to find the best local talent for automotive and engineering companies across the West Midlands. Samantha had worked in the recruitment sector for five years and setting up her own business with backing and support from The Recruit Venture Group was easier than she ever thought possible. “I couldn’t believe how quickly everything came together,” she said. “You have got a team of experts creating your business for you. They keep you informed every step of the way”.

October was a busy month with two new businesses starting up. Friends and business partners Chris Steele and Ben Yale launched Staffing Lab in Telford. With a combined 22 years’ experience in recruitment between them, the pair wanted to start fully benefiting from the money they were making for their bosses. From the first confidential, no-obligation contact with The Recruit Venture Group, their journey to business and career freedom took just months.“The Recruit Venture Group didn’t just make launching our recruitment business simple – they have also given us a platform for rapid growth,” said Ben.

Recruit Venture First2education

Then, in the same month, came first 2 education. For Katie Leng starting her own enterprise with The Recruit Venture Group was all about getting the career freedom she’d always wanted. Working out of Watford she had a clear strategy for her own business. She wanted to provide the education sector with supply teachers and permanent teaching staff in the Hertfordshire and London areas.

“I toyed with the idea of launching the business by myself,” says Katie. “But with The Recruit Venture Group, you are given all the tools you need to succeed. You have the financial backing and you have that fantastic back office support behind you. My focus is my strength – recruiting – and I’m not getting distracted by admin or financial pressure. I wouldn’t have had that advantage just on my own”.

There are several things that all of the start ups agree on. There’s the freedom to earn without limits, the freedom to truly work flexibly, and the freedom that comes with being in control. They all feel that they are building their dream and not working to support someone else’s.

For all of  the five, as well as the many others already established, The Recruit Venture Group is providing ongoing business and mentoring support. It’s little wonder that the organisation is now the largest provider of funds and backing for start up recruitment businesses. As Katie Leng said recently, “I think if you are confident in your abilities, if you want to build and drive something forward, then I would say you should go for it. With The Recruit Venture Group, you have everything you need to make it happen and the rewards are unbelievable.”


The UK is set to grow so launch your business now!

If anyone was putting off launching a business due to political deadlock.The British public has just put that uncertainty decisively to bed.

A crushing win for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives appears to have been due in large part to a vote for getting on with Brexit and getting on with the next chapter for the country.

For those in business, you only need to look at the immediate surging of the pound and share prices to realise the effect clarity can have on confidence.

That also brings a big opportunity for experienced, enterprising people in recruitment who always wanted to launch their own start-up.

Many businesses have been holding off big capital expenditure because they want to be able to plan with confidence. Although Brexit still has a long way to go, many business leaders are now expected to release cash to spend on new projects, new research, expanding operations, and of course, recruitment.

That leaves the door open for new recruitment businesses to take advantage of this wave of new investment, especially if they can act quickly.

The Recruit Venture Group is set up to bring businesses to market fast. The process from first contact with us to first day of trading can be as little as a few months. That means if there is a big upsurge in recruitment opportunities, we can put you in the position to take advantage.

Our joint venture model puts everything in place to turn a recruiter’s business vision into reality quickly and effectively.

We have all of the finance ready to go, completely risk free. We supply a streamlined, industry leading back office solution from day one, including payroll, credit control, accounts, HR, IT and much more. And the experienced, savvy business brains in The Recruit Venture Group can help fine tune a business plan to make an even bigger instant impact.

You do not risk one penny of your own money and as a recruiter, we make sure you focus on recruitment. We have already supported 60 recruiters launch fantastic businesses, including during the political uncertainty of the last three to four years. The Recruit Venture Group model has been stress-tested and has still delivered businesses which have grown to be worth millions within just a few years.

Managing Director of The Recruit Venture Group, Paul Mizen said: “Like any business leader, I welcome certainty, and that’s what this election has delivered.

“In fairness, we have been launching businesses since the EU referendum, because we believe in what we do, and the results speak for themselves.

“2020 is looking to be a phenomenal opportunity for recruiters who want to start their own business and really profit from what should be a year of big business planning and big investment. We’re ready to make it happen for them.”