If you want to build something up start by breaking barriers down

You stop seeing barriers and start seeing opportunities when you start with The Recruit Venture Group.

There are few people more entrepreneurial than recruitment professionals, and yet even they are often daunted at the prospect of launching their own business.

It’s not because they lack experience, ideas or even dedication. It’s because, often at the last moment, they falter at some barriers that suddenly seem insurmountable.

The biggest of those barriers is usually finance. How will you find funding? Will you be able to service a debt or bank loan?

And it doesn’t stop there. Will you need to put your home on the line as security? How will you manage in the early days? It doesn’t take a mastermind to work out that for the first couple of months at least you’re going to have more outgoings than income.

Then, of course, there is that ‘income’ word. Up to now, no matter how frustrating your job may have been sometimes, you have had a regular income. How will that work when you take the leap from employee to employer?

Next, up pops another barrier. Your income was regular – but so are your outgoings. And that’s not going to change. So how will you pay your mortgage, and household bills now?

For those who believe they can overcome all of those barriers there remains a final hurdle. Having your own recruitment business means doing so much more than recruitment. With a business to run, staff to consider and a myriad of administrative tasks to deal with you’re going to end up doing everything except the one thing you wanted to do. Recruitment.

Stop seeing barriers. Start seeing your business.

In short. Ignore all of the above.

The Recruit Venture Group exists solely to help recruitment professionals start their own businesses. Our business model is successful precisely because it breaks down all of those barriers.

Offering 100% risk free funding we provide you with the peace of mind you need at such an important time. Because we give you top-notch administrative systems, supports from experts in their field and cash-flow back-up so you can concentrate on what you do best.

You’ll have the time and freedom to focus on talking to clients, winning new business and developing your company.

You’ll be able to pay yourself a salary too, so your lifestyle won’t suffer. This is business without barriers.

We know it works because so far we’ve helped and supported around 50 recruitment businesses to set up and succeed.

Our Joint Venture plan has enabled recruitment professionals to break down the barriers and build something worthwhile. Something called their future.

Break down the barriers yourself. Contact us today.

Start building your future by making your move today, 2019 will be your best year yet…

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