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Celebrating 4 years: The rise of Inside Right

Four years ago this August, Ben Jones and Luke Walton launched Wolverhampton-based Recruitment Agency Inside Right and the duo have never looked back since breaking out on their own.

The recruitment firm, was launched with backing and support from The Recruit Venture Group, who have helped Ben and Luke turn their dreams of business ownership into reality.

Between them, Ben and Luke have built a successful business which they have taken from strength to strength since launching on August 4th 2015 as Ben explains.

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He said: “On August 3rd 2015, Luke Walton and myself went into partnership and opened Inside Right in the centre of Wolverhampton.

“We were able to achieve this with the initial investment and support of The Recruit Venture Group who helped us launch on day one with a prime office location, full I.T. and comms infrastructure and support, as well as a full payroll & back office function complete with credit line to pay our workers.

“This fantastic structure allowed us to focus on what we do best, to quickly cover off the original investment and spend the next few years reaping the collective benefits of building strong local and national business relationships.”

Inside Right specialise in finding temporary, permanent and contract staff for a range of businesses across the West Midlands with a focus on the engineering, manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Ben and Luke believe launching with The Recruit Venture Group have allowed them to build a bigger business quicker than if they had launched on their own and Luke is proud of the duo’s achievements over the past four years.


“We have already built some key client collaborations which have allowed us to create jobs within our internal business framework on top of many thousands of candidates we have had the pleasure to help back into employment over the past four years.

“I want to thank all of the Inside Right team and Ben and I are looking forward to another four years and beyond.”

When asked if they would recommend The Recruit Venture Group’s unique joint venture model to other consultants the answer was a convincing yes.

Ben said: “The Recruit Venture Group model is one that we would readily recommend to any aspiring recruiters who have the drive and ambition to set up their own recruitment company with full autonomy and freedom to concentrate on growing your business.”


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