World Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day

Don’t Ditch Your New Years Resolutions! 

By Paul Mizen, Managing Director of The Recruit Venture Group.

In case you didn’t know, ‘World Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day’ has come and gone.

January 2019 is an ideal time to start your journey from employee to business owner and launch your new recruitment business.

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It seems the idea for such a day goes back a long way. Its supporters say, ‘why fool yourselves into believing that you’re going to keep the resolutions you make? Few people do. It’s all pointless really. So, we’ve nominated a day when you can ditch your promises without shame’.

It is an admittedly slightly humorous stance. The gym memberships taken out in January and then never used again are almost a comedy cliche now. Not too many diets last beyond February.

But, on a more serious note, there is something a bit ‘defeatist’ about such a day isn’t there? And in my world, it has a particular resonance because, for fairly obvious reasons, many recruitment start ups choose to launch in January – because taking that big, exciting, step has been a New Year’s Resolution.

To be fair, as resolutions go, it’s a pretty big one. But so are the rewards. Taking control of your own destiny, building something of your own, creating wealth and establishing a future for yourself and your family. These are the things that come from running your own business.

Would be recruitment start-ups have, in my experience, seen those goals, and rewards (because they are both) as things that can’t be achieved as an employee. Having put in the time, gained the experience and delivered the numbers, they reach a point where they realise that to all intents and purposes they’re pretty much running a business anyway. (Funny how your line manager sees ‘autonomy’ as a great blessing and boost to you, and you see having to do it alone means little support and less rewards isn’t it?).

That is when the notion, the idea, of going it alone kicks in. In addition, the entrepreneurial spirit that was the catalyst for it fires up the imagination. This is the chance to do things your way; to implement your ideas for delivering the kind of competitive, game changing recruitment consultancy you know you can create.

That is precisely the sort of person, at exactly the sort of time, we like to meet. The Recruit Venture Group exists for you. We’ll provide 100% risk free funding. We’ll help you with premises and marketing. We’ll give you access to our back office systems so that you’re in full working order from the start of your start up.

It will be your business. We will stay with you to offer support and guidance but you’ll be the boss.

Now, tell me. If you are in that mind-set, are you really going give it all up on January 17th because someone has decreed it ‘World Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day’?

Frankly, if you are, you are probably not the sort of person we’d back anyway. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but you can see my point.
More to the point, why would you ditch your dreams?

This is your chance to do something great. To shine. It’s the opportunity to see the rewards for your efforts, be acknowledged for your achievements and build a future.

We won’t buy into you if you buy into an idea like a day to ditch your dreams.

We will though back you if you’re prepared not to look back!

Start building your future by making your move today, 2019 will be your best year yet…


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