The question facing recruitment start ups: Wages or Wager?

When talk turns to starting up a recruitment business it usually turns, quite swiftly, to the issue of shifting from employee to employer. It’s understandable, because it sums up the biggest ‘life change’ you’ll make as a recruitment professional leaving a salaried position to go it alone.

It’s that challenge, the risk; ‘safe’ salary or the ‘gamble’.

You could say it’s a choice between wages or wager…. Or is it….?

Sure, as a salaried recruitment consultant you feel you have a certain security.
No matter how bad last month’s figures were, you’re still going to get paid.
Well, at least that’s how you see it.
Your employer might not, because overheads are demanding and the business hasn’t grown much recently… get the picture.
Maybe you’re not quite as secure as you’d like to think.

Which is unfair isn’t it? You’ve met your targets. You’ve delivered.

Now you think about it you suddenly realise that you have delivered – for someone else.
And of course the way to end that problem is to start your own recruitment business.
Which brings it full circle because now those wages, no matter how uncertain they are in the long term, seem more attractive than the start up, because that’s a gamble.
There it is again. Wages or wager?

You shouldn’t see it as a problem.
Because with help from the Recruit Venture Group you get total, and risk free, backing to start your own business.
And, you’ll be able to pay yourself a salary from day one.

We’ll be there to provide help and guidance from the initial stages of incorporating your company, and sorting out branding and premises.
You’ll have full financial support, including shares in your own business and a credit line to grow your business.
Crucially, you’ll have access to an established back office and systems, making you operational and highly efficient from the moment you open your doors.

We provide you the support that enables you to get on with what you do best, which is recruitment.
And that means your chances of success and growth are greatly enhanced from the outset.

All in all then, you’re going to be running your own business, and pay yourself wages, with so little risk involved that you can’t even call it a wager.

We bet you’re interested now! What’s to lose?

Contact us for a confidential chat now and start making plans!

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