Started thinking about New Year’s resolutions? Make yours count this time

It is that time of year again!

The time of year when recruiters start to promise themselves that next year, 2019, is going to be the year.

And this time, you really mean!

It won’t be long until there is that rush of determination – again – out will come the New Year, new me attitude but far too often that rush of determination comes and goes as quickly as your gym membership.

Is its time you fulfilled your promise to yourself and made 2019 your career defining move?

Instead of just another job, with just another why not make 2019 the year you break out and start calling the shots in your own recruitment business.

During 2018, The Recruit Venture Group launched five new recruitment business and they are all thriving – you can find out more about them in the blog section of this website and feel free to call them about their experiences.

Ask yourself, where will you be this time next year?

You could be Managing Director of your own recruitment business, walking into an office every morning with your name above the door or you could be making the same New Year, new me promises once more.

With The Recruit Venture Group, starting your own recruitment business is far easier than sticking to that New Year’s resolution to shift a few pounds or drink a bit less.


Because we create your business for you.

You pick a name and logo and we do the rest, allowing you to go in on day one and hit the ground running.

We also invest in your business, we give you the headroom you need to grow your business plus a guaranteed income, there is no living off credit cards or borrowing against your house.

Our Central Services team, led by three experienced directors, will be on hand to support you throughout your journey removing the time consuming back office business, leaving you free to focus on recruitment.

With all that in place you will grow your business with our support and this time next year be thinking about where you want to take your business in 2020.

Make your move today, contact The Recruit Venture Group and make 2019 your year.

To find out how The Recruit Venture Group can help you go from recruitment employee to entrepreneur.

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