Study finds the trait all entrepreneurs have in common

The Recruit Venture Group’s Managing Director Paul Mizen explains why the top line from a recently published study by the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, grabbed his attention.

The report concludes that many people who ‘take the plunge’ to become entrepreneurs have a common trait. Hyperactivity.

The study goes on to say that high energy levels, creativity and willingness to take risks give hyperactive people a flair for entrepreneurship, which it deemed to be an essential ingredient for a successful new business.

Starting a business is defined by having a passion. You could give it old fashioned labels like ‘get up and go’ or ‘gumption’, or you could characterise it in more modern terms such as ‘total commitment’ but either way you’re  going to need that certain spark of entrepreneurial flair to fire up a startup.

However, so many potential startups fail in the early days. Despite the passion they flounder because they lack the right backing, the appropriate support and the freedom to focus.

Give a high-energy person those tools to work with and they’ll soon build something successful and I know that to be true because I have seen over 50 recruiters do it.

The Recruit Venture Group we provide sound, risk free, financial backing for recruitment professionals wanting to start their own business.

But we do more than that, we provide the systems and technology to enable a business to operate efficiently and provide complete back office support leaving our joint venture partners free to focus on what they do best.

With us,  joint venture partners, entrepreneurial recruiters like you, get exactly the backing, support and freedom that allows them to flourish.

Our 46 joint venture partners are testament to what can be achieved when the right energy and character is set free and combined with the support and guidance needed to launch a successful business.

If you are reading this and are passionate about recruitment, with a proven record of success then we want to make your dream of business ownership a reality.

If you have that energy we want to help you build a great business, your business.

To find out how The Recruit Venture Group can help you go from recruitment employee to entrepreneur.

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