Are you itching to start your own recruitment business?

A man who knows about such things, and certainly knows a lot about start ups, once said  “The best startups generally come from somebody needing to scratch an itch.”

In fact the comparison has been used by others too.

Given our experience we think that it’s  rather a good comment.  Because that’s exactly what it’s like, for hundreds, if not thousands, of recruitment professionals, all over the country, every single day.

They’re doing their job, and doing it well. Finding clients. Sourcing candidates. Matching the two. The more experienced ones are running their own specialist desks perhaps, or heading up a team within the business.

With the experience and seniority comes responsibility so they’re almost certainly hard wired in to the company’s  budgets and targets, and charged with delivering revenue that will meet those targets.

And that’s when the itch starts. That moment when the recruitment consultant says, ‘Hold on. I’m doing all of this, just like I’m running my own business. But I’m not. I’m doing it for someone else’.

 And then the itch gets worse. That same voice in the head says ‘I have ideas about how to run a recruitment business of my own. How to add value. How to use my knowledge of a specific sector. If I had my own business I could put those ideas into  practice’.

Sometimes the itch does get a bit uncomfortable. ‘How would I raise the funding to start up on my own? How could I organise premises, systems, software?’ But it always comes back to that feeling of ‘if only I had my own business…’.

Some people of course just ignore the itch, and hope it goes away. Often, for those people, it does.  But for the others, the ones who can’t ignore it, there’s only one thing to do. And that’s scratch it!

But you know what it’s like when you need to scratch an itch. Sometimes you just can’t reach it. You  can’t manage it on your own.

We’re good at lending a hand. Well it’s somewhat more than just lending a hand. At the Recruit Venture Group we provide  a total, and risk free, package of support.

Full initial funding is just part of it. You’ll also get shares in, and dividends from, your own business. At the same time you’ll have access to a complete back office and support system.

Being able to pay yourself a salary from day one will give you the peace of mind to concentrate on building your business.

We’re there for you, but it’s absolutely your business.

And with us there from the outset, even helping you with premises and branding you won’t exactly be starting from scratch – if you see what we mean.

It’s true, starting up your own recruitment company does present challenges, but if you have the itch and you really want to scratch it, we can help.

If you’ve got five years continuous experience in recruitment and you’re serious about starting up on your own – APPLY NOW

We’re itching to help you!

If you have 5 years minimum experience in recruitment,

3 most recently in the sector you wish to launch, we’d love to talk to you

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