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You’re the owner of a newly launched recruitment agency. You are flat out, juggling a million things to keep the cash coming in and the business afloat.

Then, the last thing you need happens. A new client has gone rogue and won’t pay you what’s owed.

Do you hassle them? Do you get the lawyers involved? Can you afford the cost, time and stress of chasing it? Or do you just suck up the loss and desperately find a way to keep the business going?

Unfortunately, getting paid on time, or getting paid at all, can be a crippling problem for any start-up. New business owners often don’t have the resources to take on unscrupulous operators, which can be deadly for any fledgling enterprise.

In May The Federation of Small Businesses called the situation with late or non-payments a “national scandal”, which was killing an astonishing 50,000 small businesses a year.

But recruiters who decide to launch their own enterprise with The Recruit Venture Group have all of the freedom of running a small business with the benefits of having a major organisation in  their corner.

The Recruit Venture Group has already helped nearly 60 recruiters to start their own business, and at every step of the way they are supported. The market-leading joint venture model means that each business has access to a comprehensive back office function and expert corporate, financial and legal advice.

So that means when a business does run into a problem that could cost serious time, money and worry, The Recruit Venture Group has the ability to sort it out quickly.

A non-payment scenario arose very recently for a recruitment business, but one call to The Recruit Venture Group and the problem was resolved quickly.

As a senior team, we have decades of varied experience in recruitment.

Paul Mizen The Recruit Venture Group 2

Managing Director, Paul Mizen, said: “We don’t just help to launch recruitment businesses, we are here for them at every step of their journey to growth. As a senior team, we have decades of varied experience in recruitment. Trust me, we’ve seen it all, so if a problem arises, we work with the business to put it right.

“We had one example recently were someone thought they could get away with some free services by taking advantage of one of the businesses we support. They didn’t realise that the business they were trying to fleece had The Recruit Venture Group in its corner, but when they did, they soon backed down.”

Starting a business with The Recruit Venture Group is all about support. All of the finance needed for launch is offered, with no need for the recruiter to put down a penny of their own money. As well as setting up the business and offering a comprehensive back office function, a full mentoring and business development service is offered as part of the package.


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