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The KEY lesson recruiters should learn from General Election 2019

Is there anything about the current General Election campaign, and the state of politics in general, that can help recruiters be better at their jobs?

It’s hard to put your finger on much.

But one there’s one common thing among political parties of all colours. They are promising the earth.

Whether it’s free broadband, magically finding billions for the NHS and police, a ‘green revolution’ or solving Brexit – they can do it all.

Do we believe that?

Because it is one thing to promise, it is another thing to deliver. And when you fail to deliver, you make people very upset.

Recruiters are often tempted to over-promise in the hope of securing more business. But they know it will come back to bite them eventually. Many a politician has suffered the same fate, and may well do again after the public has its say on December 12.

But too often, recruitment professionals don’t have the freedom to offer the type of service they want. They want to go the extra mile, but sometimes wonder if the rewards are worth it, or are pressured to cut corners. They want to impress clients and candidates, but their agency just isn’t geared up or resourced to offer that exceptional service.

Above all, good recruiters don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver. They don’t want to fall into the politician’s trap.

The Recruit Venture Group was set up precisely to give those driven, talented recruiters the chance to break free of all limitations and start their own businesses.

That includes the freedom to shape the brand, its ethos, and develop the approach to recruitment they always wanted to, but never could as employees.

We have supported 60 recruiters to start their own agencies, serving a huge range of sectors. Under their leadership, they are building phenomenal businesses by delivering the recruitment service they always knew would work if only they had the chance.

Their earnings have multiplied, and they are building businesses worth millions, offering them a financial future they could only have dreamt of.

And the rewarding thing is, it is all down to their vision and hard work.

The Recruit Venture Group offers 100% of the finance needed for launch. You do not need to rely on a penny of your savings or assets.

We then help you get your business off the ground, establishing it legally, with office premises, a website and any staff you need. Alongside this we offer a comprehensive back office solution for the lifetime of the business, including payroll, credit control, accounts, IT, HR, marketing, and more.

Your focus is on recruitment.

And The Recruit Venture Group doesn’t over-promise either. In fact, we encourage you to talk to some of the 60 people who have already taken this step with us and hear how their lives have been transformed.


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