Laura Claughan identified the potential and huge rewards owning your recruitment business would bring, but didn’t know where to start!


Laura Claughan

“To leave a job as a consultant and become a business owner is a challenge. It’s exciting, and has the potential for huge rewards, but how do you start?” said Laura. “The answer is that apart from needing a brand, back up for systems and operation and of course business, you need firm financial backing. Without exactly massive savings, but familiar with the financial climate that made finance from a bank less than straightforward, I was amazed to discover that I could get the backing, and all those other essentials, from one single dedicated source The Recruit Venture Group.

“This was a way of getting the financial backing I needed, and it was coming from people who understand my business. And it is my business. This is not a franchise, or selling out to a majority shareholder. This is a complete package that allowed me the freedom to concentrate on developing my business.  I got the support and investment I needed, and the autonomy I wanted.”