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After working in recruitment for ten years, Marshall Rayner was running a successful division with a turnover of £7m but he knew that he wanted more.

Marshall soon realised that he would not be able to fulfil his ambitions as an employee and that to achieve real job satisfaction he needed to say goodbye to being an employee and being restricted by somebody else’s rules.

In October 2014, Marshall decided to take the plunge and launch his own business but he didn’t go it alone.

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“It’s a great model, the finance I needed was all in place and I was able to spend my time growing my business”

Instead, Marshall launched Top Team Personnel with The Recruit Venture Group and has never looked back since opening the doors for the first time in October 2014.

“It was a big decision, one I thought a lot about but one that was definitely the right decision. 

“Launching Top Team gave me the chance to make something of myself in my own right, it gave me something to be proud of and it finally allowed me to have autonomy over my working life.

“There was no one holding me back or telling me how to do things, I was free to get on with what I did best and have never looked back.”

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Since launching, Top Team have gone from strength to strength thanks to Marshall and his team’s hard work and dedication combined with the unrivalled support of The Recruit Venture Group.

The Recruit Venture Group’s professional Central Services Team handle all of Top Team’s accounts, payroll, credit control, legal, IT and HR meaning Marshall is free to spend his time doing what he does best.

“The partnership with The Recruit Venture Group is great, they give me everything I need to run and grow a successful recruitment business while leaving me free to get on with the job.

“When I need help it is there but no one is telling me how to do things or trying to control me.

“I can’t recommend The Recruit Venture Group highly enough.”

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