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When Graeme Sutton was presented with an opportunity to become a business owner, it unlocked the potential for him to achieve his goals.

“I had worked in the recruitment industry for 14 years when an opportunity to become a business owner presented itself.” said Graeme.

“The Recruit Venture Group’s business solution allowed me to take full control of my business at no cost, managing our clients, my office, and my future with the peace of mind that I was fully supported behind the scenes and throughout any challenges that may lie ahead.”

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Commercial, Driving, Industrial

“Dreaming of launching your own business and making it happen are two very different things.”

“We say to our clients and candidates that we are ‘working in partnership to achieve excellence’. It’s true of our relationship with The Recruit Venture Group as well. Because of our partnership with them we can achieve excellence in what we do”.

By providing quality checked and reliable candidates with precisely the right skills, Sutton Recruitment have become the go to recruitment resource for Commercial, Driving and Industrial jobs in the Hull area.

Since launching in 2018 they have rapidly established a track record for delivering staffing solutions that exceed expectations.

The Recruit Venture Group’s informed and insightful consultants provide creative and cost effective recruitment to clients across the region, every day.

“We can only deliver the level of involvement we do because we have the backing of The Recruit Venture Group.

“Without it I’d be worrying about things that don’t help you grow a business”.

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“We’ve grown because we’ve built an interface between candidates and a large number of employers. That requires outstanding admin. With access to The Recruit Venture Group’s back office and systems we get the details right.

“That gives us time to focus on the important things. Things like the right person for the right job”.

“When you go it alone the last thing you want is to be alone. The Recruit Venture Group have been there at the outset and have stayed with me as support.

“Without them it would have been a nightmare. With them – my dream has come true.

“I’d dreamed of becoming a business owner because I had ambitions for a secure financial future, and the desire to provide the sort of recruitment services I believe people want.

“The Recruit Venture Group have allowed me to tick both boxes. Big time”.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Contact some of our existing owners and see how we helped them take that step.