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Sue explains her start-up success story

Roos Recruitment’s Managing Director Susan Roos first said goodbye to being an employee, and hello to being her own boss, when she had the opportunity to launch Jark Norwich Ltd as an independent recruitment business in April 2017.

Under Sue’s leadership, Jark Norwich Ltd underwent a successful rebrand to Roos Recruitment; a process which The Recruit Venture Group helped Sue to successfully complete.

Since breaking out on her own Sue has taken her business from strength to strength.

“When I was first presented with an opportunity to be my own boss it really empowered me to take my business forward,” she said.

“From that moment it was my business and I knew that my hard work would pay off.

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November 1999

Commercial, Industrial, Hospitality, Manufacturing

“I told them what I wanted, how I wanted Roos to look and feel and The Recruit Venture Group delivered.”

“Being in control and having the autonomy to do things your own way is great, nothing compares to that feeling of being in complete control.

“Making the jump wasn’t easy, it took a lot of hard work but The Recruit Venture Group were with me every step of the way.

“All the time consuming, energy draining back office functions were taken care of and I could focus on driving revenues and building my business.

“Launching with The Recruit Venture Group gave me a real head start.”

Norwich-based Roos Recruitment cover the healthcare and industrial sectors across East Anglia, providing both temporary and permanent staff to a range of clients.

Since being in control of her own business Sue is now able to focus on implementing her own approach to recruitment, something she finds incredibly rewarding.

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She said: “Roos isn’t just about the name above the door, it is about the standards we set and the service we provide.

“We are setting the bar high; aiming to exceed the needs of all and ensure that we are a recruitment agency that our clients are proud to work with and an agency where our candidates know they will be well looked after.

“We can do all that, because we focus on recruitment with The Recruit Venture Group dealing with the back office side of the business.

“I am doing things my way, in my business and it’s a great feeling.”

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