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it was clear that this was the right next step

Liga Recruitment’s joint managing directors were fed up of being restricted by somebody else’s rules when they decided to launch their own agency in July 2015.

Gavin Higgins and Liam Baynham launched the agency, both experienced recruiters, who wanted something they could call their own.

The Cardiff-based recruitment agency specialises in finding both temporary and permanent staff for a range of sectors and has enjoyed a successful start since opening their doors for the first time.

When Gavin and Liam, first met The Recruit Venture Group it was clear that this was the right next step for them.

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“You can’t put a price on having the freedom to run a grow a business which is your own”

“We wanted to launch a business that we could call our own and The Recruit Venture Group allowed us to do that without having to worry about the funding we required,” explains Gavin.

“When people think of starting a business you think of starting out by living off bank loans and credit cards, you think you have to risk your own money to get off the ground.

Liga’s joint bosses were both high performing recruiters before they decided to make their move, and Liam admits that becoming entrepreneurs isn’t easy but it is incredibly rewarding.

He said: “I am not going to lie, it is hard work you need to be prepared to put the hours in but the great thing is that those hours are going to pay off for you and your family.

“Since starting this journey, we are now in control.

“With The Recruit Venture Group there is none of that, it is completely risk free and you are able to launch with confidence knowing you have the support you need.

“Liam and I have never looked back since launching our own recruitment business, The Recruit Venture Group made the whole process simple and quick.”

“There is no one putting limits on what we can earn or telling us what to do and when to do it.

“You can’t put a price on having the freedom to run a grow a business which is your own.

“We are both doing the same job we did as employees but now we are doing it in our own business, that’s an incredible feeling.”

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