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Ben Jones and Luke Walton had been in recruitment for 17 and 12 years respectively when they decided to take back control of their career and launch their own recruitment business.

Both Ben and Luke, were high performing recruiters who were fed up of not being rewarded for their hard work and effort; they knew they wanted more from their career and wouldn’t be able to get it with another side-step into another job.

After meeting The Recruit Venture Group, the duo knew they were ready to launch their own business and wanted to do so with the backing of the UK’s largest venture partner of their kind.

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July 2015


March 2010

Construction, Engineering, Industrial, Manufacturing

“If we have launched without the support of The Recruit Venture Group we would not have been able to grow as quickly as we have.”

“Launching Inside Right Recruitment with The Recruit Venture Group was a no brainer really,” said Ben.

“Both Luke and I wanted to do something which would be building a future for us and our families, we didn’t want to just be employees anymore.

“The Recruit Venture Group allowed us to make that change without having to worry about funding or the back office.

“We were able to get to market quicker and scale-up more efficiently thanks to The Recruit Venture Group’s support.”

Inside Right is a Wolverhampton-based multi-sector recruitment agency covering the West Midlands and surrounding area.

The business is built around Ben and Luke’s own recruitment philosophy and the time The Recruit Venture Group save the duo and their team can be spent focusing on what really matters, as Luke explains.

“There is a lot to think about when launching a business, there is a lot to take your focus away from recruitment which is going to end up costing you money.

“The Recruit Venture Group’s complete back-office support function enables Ben, I and our team to focus on what really matters.

“Instead of spending time worrying about our IT or whether our invoices are being paid, we are free to focus on talking to candidates and clients to grow the business.

“If we have launched without the support of The Recruit Venture Group we would not have been able to grow as quickly as we have.

“If you are a recruitment consultant thinking of launching on your own, our message is speak to The Recruit Venture Group.”

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