More money, more control and a better future; we’re delighted we started a business.

For colleagues Mark Knight and Steve Borondy, starting their own recruitment agency was all about freedom.

The freedom from bosses’ bad decisions and the freedom to go out and make the sort of money they were making for other people.

And now, with the support of The Recruit Venture Group, they are now business partners, embarking on a future which has the potential to deliver so much more than just a salary and commission.

Their energies are now invested in their own business, Resolute Recruitment, based in Coventry and which launched in February. It is focused on driving and logistics currently, but is expanding its commercial and industrial footprint too and serves the Midlands area.


“I was making three men very wealthy.”said Steve, 27.

“It’s pretty simple; I got into recruitment because I knew I could make money, and I’m also quite entrepreneurial. Starting a business was the logical step.”

Mark, 39, said: “I always felt like I was being held back. I was always 18 months behind where I should have been in my career. My employers’ systems and processes were outdated and slow. There were people making decisions behind closed doors and we had no control or authority to do anything.

“I had ideas on what a good recruitment agency should look like, so the only choice was to take the plunge and make it happen.”

Their skills complement each other perfectly, with Mark having ten years’ experience with the service element of the business, while for the last five years, Steve has been a multi-award winner on the business development and sales side.

Resolute Recruitment began with a conversation with The Recruit Venture Group. Mark and Steve explained their vision for a successful recruitment business and then a plan was developed to make it happen.

By providing all of the finance needed for launch as well as a modern, flexible and efficient back office solution including accounts, payroll, IT, HR, and marketing, everything was put in place for Mark and Steve to start generating revenue from day one.

The Recruit Venture Group’s joint venture model has already helped more than 60 people become recruitment entrepreneurs, building businesses already valued in the millions.

“The process is very clear and straightforward,” said Steve. You’re given the platform to execute your plan.”

While the short term is about establishing themselves, they see no limits to the potential of Resolute Recruitment. Steve said: “Our mission is to become the preferred supplier of temporary and permanent staff in the Midlands. We would ultimately aim to have offices in Leicester, Derby and Northampton. There’s a lot of work to be done, but we are now in a position to make it happen.”

And for other recruiters who may want to do the same?

“There are a lot of people out there who could do this, but will never take the step,” said Steve. “Stepping out of a safe salary is hard – I have a mortgage to pay – but with The Recruit Venture Group, so much of that stress is taken away. We know if we work hard and if we fill the gaps in our knowledge and experience, then we can build something special.

“But nothing can happen until you make a decision to go for it.”


If that’s you, contact…


What does the future hold for you?

Where do you plan to be in two, five or even ten years’ time?

Are you planning to launch your own recruitment business?

If you a recruitment consultant, billing over £100,000 per year the answer to that question should be yes!

High performing recruiters, in temporary recruitment, are often leaving money on the table. Are you?

By launching your own business, you would be able to achieve more than you ever thought possible and everything you do and all the hours you put in are going to benefit you and your family.

Oh, it’s ambitious, this plan. Yet what is the point of dreaming about owning your own business if you are not dreaming big? What is the point of continuing to make the people above you more money than you are making for yourself?

Careers in recruitment promise you so much. A good wage, a nice car and monthly commission payments, but the greatest gift will never come from being just another employee in just another recruitment company.

You want the greatest of gifts? You can only achieve it by doing something brave, something people will admire you for in years to come. You can only experience that feeling in your own recruitment business, where you call the shots.

Not only will you have the ability to earn more than you ever thought possible, you will be the owner of the best recruitment business in the world – your own recruitment business. Many cast aside their desires to own their own business but don’t make that mistake. Be one of the many recruiters who have turned their back on being an employee and thrived as a recruitment entrepreneur.

With backing and support from The Recruit Venture Group, making that move it easier and more achievable than you think.With our no-risk, tried and test approach, we have helped over 65 recruiters to launch their own business and we want you to do the same. Your capital isn’t at risk and everything you need to succeed is handed to you on a plate. If you can see yourself being the owner of a successful and profitable recruitment business in just a few years then we can make it happen.


Don’t allow Brexit dithering to keep your business dreams waiting

It has been well over three years since the EU referendum. While Boris Johnson wants to be the Prime Minister who ‘gets Brexit done’, we still face uncertainty on when, how and even if we will leave the EU.

If the UK leaves with a deal, that’s still only the first step in a long process. Whatever happens, we’re probably in for the long haul.

For recruiters, uncertainty is a given, but business goes on. But for those recruiters who are thinking of breaking free and starting their own business, the current climate may see those plans pushed to the back-burner. That’s a mistake, according to Paul Mizen, Managing Director of The Recruit Venture Group.

The Recruit Venture Group, which supports motivated, entrepreneurial and talented recruiters to start their own enterprises, has been continuing to support the launch of new recruitment agencies throughout 2019, unfazed by Brexit ‘noise’.

“We invest in people,” says Paul.

“Show me a recruiter who has the right attitude – that passion to deliver for clients and candidates and the desire to make money – and I will show you someone who will absolutely thrive running their own agency.

“The Recruit Venture Group model is all about reducing risk and uncertainty and giving talented recruiters the freedom to unleash their potential.

“We support around 60 recruitment business leaders up and down the country, working in a variety of sectors of the economy, so we have a pretty good feel for what’s going on. Those leaders are proving that if you are driven, committed and determined to grow a business, today’s market remains very healthy.

“We’ve supported the launch of new businesses in 2019 and we’ll keep doing it in 2020 because our model works and is delivering results. If you are an experienced recruiter looking to start their own business, for me the best time was yesterday, but the next best thing is today.”

Last month’s data from the Office for National Statistics also showed that the UK employment rate was the joint highest on record, with  wage growth at an 11-year high. Those recruiters who have been putting off starting their own business have been missing opportunities.

Recruiters who have started their business journeys with the help of The Recruit Venture Group this year have done so for clear reasons. It is about being their own boss, shaping their business and brand and making the kind of money for themselves that they were making for other people..

Those are key principles for starting a business – Brexit or no Brexit.

The Recruit Venture Group helps make it happen by providing 100% of the finance needed for launch, risk free, while also offering a full back office function including accounts, IT, payroll, credit control, HR and marketing. This allows the recruiter to focus on clients and candidates, and building revenues from the first day.


Jark Norfolk celebrate On The Tools Award Nomination

A Norwich-based recruitment firm have been shortlisted for a national award recognising the UK’s best construction recruitment agency.

Jark Norfolk Ltd have been shortlisted for the Best Recruitment Agency category at this year’s On The Tools Awards.

The business is owned by Kelly Cartwright who is thrilled to have made the shortlisted having entered the awards off the back of a record breaking 2018/19 financial year.

“I am really proud to be shortlisted for the Best Recruitment Agency Award, the On The Tools Award are one of the biggest award ceremonies in our industry and to make it through to the final two is incredible.

“We decided to enter the awards off the back of a really good 2018/19 year for us.

“Our turnover and profit both grew significantly and I think we are getting the recognition we deserve after an extraordinary year. 

“I was really proud of the results we posted as a business last year and felt entering the awards was a good chance to give my team something to celebrate.”

Jark Norfolk Ltd will find out if they have been successful at a gala dinner on Friday November 15th, held in Birmingham at Edgbaston Cricket Ground.

Kelly said for her business to be shortlisted at the same time that the construction sector is dealing with economic uncertainty over Britain’s departure from the European Union makes the shortlisting even more special.

She said: “All of the team at Jark Norfolk have put in longer hours and gone the extra mile the source and supply high quality candidates for East Anglian construction companies over the past year.

“Hopefully winning this award will be the recognition that my team deserve for their continued effort and we will be able to put Jark Norfolk on the map.”

Paul Mizen, Managing Director of The Recruit Venture Group who helped Kelly to launch her business is wishing Jark Norfolk all the best.

“It would be great to see Kelly and her team go on and be crowned best recruitment agency it would show exactly what is possible when you launch your own business and have a drive to succeed. 

“Kelly and her team have worked really hard to overcome the challenges facing the construction sector and they have consistently gone the extra mile to deliver for their candidates and clients.”

Sutton Recruitment shortlisted for prestigious regional recruitment award

A recruitment agency in Hull has been shortlisted for the “Business of the Year Small: Under 25 employees” award in the 2019 Hull Daily Mail Business Awards.

The shortlisted agency, Sutton Recruitment, is one of The Recruit Venture Group’s many successful joint venture partners and last year rebranded having previously been trading as Jark (Hull) Ltd.

The independent recruitment agency is owned by Graeme Sutton, who has worked been working in recruitment for almost two decades. Graeme said he was thrilled to have been shortlisted for the prestigious award after a successful year for his business.

He said: “I am really proud of all my team, 2018/2019 was a very busy year for us and it is great to see that hard work recognised.

“The rebrand was a real team effort, all the staff played their part in making it a success and I couldn’t be prouder of the Sutton Recruitment team.

“It was a good year for the business and to see that success highlighted by the Hull Daily Mail at one of the region’s biggest business events is very humbling.

“A few years ago, if you would have told me that one day I would be the owner of a business shortlisted for regional awards, I would have said no chance but my partnership with The Recruit Venture Group have given me everything I need to make it happen.”

Graeme’s business is based in Hull city centre and supplies a range of local commercial, driving and industrial businesses with a mix of temporary, permanent and contract staff.

Paul Mizen, Managing Director of The Recruit Venture Group said Sutton Recruitment’s shortlisting was much deserved.

“Graeme and his team have worked really hard over the past year and I really hope they go on to win the award,” he said.

“The success of Sutton Recruitment is a great example of what is possible when a driven local recruiter is given the chance to launch their own business.

“Graeme has built a great team in his office and together they deliver for their candidates and clients day in day out.”

Sutton Recruitment will find out if they are successful at the Hull Daily Mail Business Awards on Thursday November 14th.

Move on up!

Jark (Stevenage) Ltd have moved their recruitment business to new premises.

 And it’s proving very popular!

Jark (Stevenage) Ltd have moved to new premises in Stevenage town centre and are set for a whole new era.

The long established business had been based in Stevenage’s Queensway for 15 years.  Daniella Roberts of Jark (Stevenage) Ltd said this week that ‘we were aware that the planned redevelopment of the area would probably mean our having to move one day anyway, but it was time to take the initiative’.

Daniella took over the business in May 2016. In a joint venture with The Recruit Venture Group she and the team established Jark (Stevenage) Ltd as an independent company. ‘The Recruit Venture Group were amazing’ she says, ‘and their support meant that I could focus on growing the business’.

The company now specialises in Industrial, Driving and Construction, and handles both permanent and temporary recruitment.

‘I had always seen new premises as part of the business plan’ said Daniella, and investing in them made better sense than refurbishing the old ones. When I  found what had been a florist’s shop in the town centre I saw its potential straightaway’.

The company have invested heavily in a complete refit, including new ceilings, flooring and bathrooms. ‘It’s meant we can have more control over our signage and branding too’ said Daniella. ‘We’re much more noticeable now!’.

And it’s working. Footfall has increased dramatically even in the couple of weeks since opening the new office.

‘We’re ideally placed. People can walk in to the office from residential areas, and of course can easily get here, during lunch breaks for instance, from the town centre itself’.

Jark (Stevenage) Ltd had got off to an impressive start since the May 2016 relaunch anyway, and Daniella is keen to restate the importance of the help she received from The Recruit Venture Group. Now though, opening the doors to the better branded premises at 27 Market Place has also opened the doors to a new era.

‘People like where we are and the fact that we’re so accessible. This is a step change for companies searching for staff, and people looking for work, in and around  Stevenage, spreading out to Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire’.

 Daniella says that the investment has proved a good move in itself. She’s glad, she says, that she took the initiative to move the business now, proactively, rather than as a necessity later on.

‘Our new premises used to be florist’ she adds. ‘It must be an omen, because right now our business is blooming!’



Celebrating 4 years: The rise of Inside Right

Four years ago this August, Ben Jones and Luke Walton launched Wolverhampton-based Recruitment Agency Inside Right and the duo have never looked back since breaking out on their own.

The recruitment firm, was launched with backing and support from The Recruit Venture Group, who have helped Ben and Luke turn their dreams of business ownership into reality.

Between them, Ben and Luke have built a successful business which they have taken from strength to strength since launching on August 4th 2015 as Ben explains.

Inside Right Small Sign

He said: “On August 3rd 2015, Luke Walton and myself went into partnership and opened Inside Right in the centre of Wolverhampton.

“We were able to achieve this with the initial investment and support of The Recruit Venture Group who helped us launch on day one with a prime office location, full I.T. and comms infrastructure and support, as well as a full payroll & back office function complete with credit line to pay our workers.

“This fantastic structure allowed us to focus on what we do best, to quickly cover off the original investment and spend the next few years reaping the collective benefits of building strong local and national business relationships.”

Inside Right specialise in finding temporary, permanent and contract staff for a range of businesses across the West Midlands with a focus on the engineering, manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Ben and Luke believe launching with The Recruit Venture Group have allowed them to build a bigger business quicker than if they had launched on their own and Luke is proud of the duo’s achievements over the past four years.


“We have already built some key client collaborations which have allowed us to create jobs within our internal business framework on top of many thousands of candidates we have had the pleasure to help back into employment over the past four years.

“I want to thank all of the Inside Right team and Ben and I are looking forward to another four years and beyond.”

When asked if they would recommend The Recruit Venture Group’s unique joint venture model to other consultants the answer was a convincing yes.

Ben said: “The Recruit Venture Group model is one that we would readily recommend to any aspiring recruiters who have the drive and ambition to set up their own recruitment company with full autonomy and freedom to concentrate on growing your business.”


Staff from The Recruit Venture Group are helping to beat cancer sooner

Cancer is happening right now, which is why staff from The Recruit Venture Group are proud to be taking part in one of this year’s Race for Life events.

All of us here at The Recruit Venture Group have seen the devastating impact cancer can have on people’s lives.

The majority of us have seen family members or friends diagnosed with the cruel disease and we are determined to help do our bit in the fight against cancer.

One in two people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and every single pound you donate makes a difference to Cancer Research UK’s groundbreaking work.

Paul Mizen, The Recruit Venture Group’s Managing Director said he was incredibly proud of his team for taking part in the event.


He said: “I am really proud of the 13 members of our staff who are taking part in the Pretty Muddy Run.

“Everyone has been affected by this terrible disease at some stage in their life and it’s great to see so many people doing their bit to help raise awareness and funds for Cancer Research UK.

“Everyone at The Recruit Venture Group is right behind everyone taking part and if you can spare a few pounds to support our runners it would be greatly appreciated.”


Inside Right proud to have played a part in 2019 Parliamentary Review

The joint Managing Directors of a Wolverhampton-based recruitment agency have said they are “incredibly proud” to see their business and their team feature in this year’s Parliamentary Review.

Ben Jones and Luke Walton are the joint Managing Directors of Inside Right, a recruitment agency who specialise in finding both temporary and permanent staff for a range of manufacturing and engineering clients across the West Midlands and the wider UK.

Inside Right launched in August 2015 with support from The Recruit Venture Group, the largest venture partner of their kind in the UK.

The duo were delighted to have been asked to take part in the 2019 Parliamentary Review, which was co-chaired by Lord David Blunkett and Lord Eric Pickles and serves as an indispensable guide to industry best practice.

Ben Jones said: “All of us at Inside Right were proud to have been selected to participate in ‘The Parliamentary Review 2019’; it was a great opportunity for the business, and for us as individuals.

“The Review annually invites select businesses to showcase their best practice as a learning tool to the public and private sector, so we were honoured to see our business chosen.

“It’s been really positive for business and our candidates and clients have loved hearing about the process and what we have been doing as part of The Review.”

The main aims of The Review are to demonstrate how organisations and individuals have become outstanding leaders in their field and how they have responded to challenges within the industry, sharing best practice as a template for reform.

Inside Right’s directors told The Review that “a lack of vocational experience amongst younger generations is having a damaging effect on the recruitment sector”.

Luke Walton, reflected, “It has been great to have played a part in something so important and to have been able to attend the publication of the review, at the Terrace Pavilion; within the House of Commons, was an overwhelmingly positive experience”.

“It was a memorable evening at Westminster which marked the beginning of this year’s process, especially when we got the chance to meet the superb guest speakers who included political commentator and TalkRadio breakfast show host, Julia Hartley-Brewer, and also the national icon and 1966 World Cup legend, Sir Geoff Hurst.”


It’s spring. So take your career out of hibernation and do something exciting.

Like start your own recruitment business.

Spring. Nature is waking up. And you? You’re probably facing the figures for the next quarter.

It really is time you took your career out of hibernation and decided to fly. Now is the  time to realise the ambition that you’ve been thinking through all winter. The ambition that, again, was top of your New Year Resolution list. That constant desire to start your own recruitment business. What’s stopping you now?

If you’re serious about it, we’re here to help. Our sole aim is to support recruitment professionals in setting up high performance, high street visible, recruitment businesses. 100% risk free funding is available and we’ll back that backing with back office systems. We give you HR and legal advice, as well as help with payroll, marketing and cash flow. And we’re there to mentor and support you.

There are over 40 successful recruitment businesses, spread across the uk, who have launched as joint ventures with The Recruit Venture Group.

Like them you’ll be running your own business, establishing your own brand and building your own future.

Supported and financially secure you’ll be able, with our 100% backing, to give 100% of your focus and effort to doing what you do best. Recruitment. That’s what makes our joint ventures succeed. Free of financial worries, autonomous but not alone, they can concentrate on what counts. The business. Their business.