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How it Works

A Blueprint for your success…


Start your business from scratch and make it profitable quickly


Keep a growing business growing as revenues grow and headroom is required.


Focus your efforts on what you do best while a team of experts in their field take care of your business’ back office, leaving you free to excel.


Enjoy the best business in the world – your own business.


Reap the rewards of your efforts in full.

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“The Recruit Venture Group literally created my business…”

“The Recruit Venture Group registered my company, created the bank accounts, dealt with HMRC, and developed the Sutton Recruitment brand identity. All this was delivered by a team of experts, who took the hassle out of creating my recruitment business, leaving me free to do what I do best, recruitment!

“I went into my business, on day one, with all the IT and HR systems that I needed to register candidates, win business and fill bookings. Everything I needed to drive my business forward was in place, all I had to do was what I have always done for someone else, but this time I was doing it for me.

“There is no doubt the growth of Sutton Recruitment has been accelerated by launching with The Recruit Venture Group. I have built a bigger, more successful business quicker by partnering with them than I could have done on my own. The Recruit Venture Group literally created my business and gave me the best possible start to life as a business owner.”

Graham Sutton Sutton Recruitment
Sutton Recruitment Logo How it Works

Graeme Sutton

Managing Director – Sutton Recruitment

Simon Silfield Universal Personnel
Universal Personnel logo how it works

Simon Simfield

Managing Director – Universal Personnel

“The Recruit Venture Group made starting my own business simple…”

“From initial idea through to the day of launch, The Recruit Venture Group got me and my business set up and ready to hit the ground running. Thanks to The Recruit Venture Group I went into my business knowing it was legally sound and that I had robust banking, payroll, credit control, IT and HR systems and processes in place.

“I didn’t have to waste my time, money and energy on getting the paperwork sorted, I was able to start driving Universal Personnel forward from day one with all the support that I needed. It isn’t just the back office part of my business that they helped create; the experts at The Recruit Venture Group found me the right office, in the right location with space to grow, and got me the best deal on my commercial property.

“My vision was turned into a reality quickly and simply thanks to The Recruit Venture Group.”

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“When The Recruit Venture Group decide to invest in you, they mean it.”

“The Recruit Venture Group put up all of the finance I needed to get my business launched. Thanks to their investment I didn’t have to endure sleepless nights or worry about my savings, my own home and my assets.

“There was no danger of me over borrowing or ending up in crippling debt to launch my business because all the finance I needed was supplied and it was risk-free! When I launched my business I still had monthly bills to cover so The Recruit Venture Group ensured that my business was able to pay me a salary from launch, they removed the whole issue of personal finance and investment.

“It’s not only the upfront investment that is provided, when I wanted to scale-up my business, The Recruit Venture Group provided me with the investment I needed for extra head count, supporting my ambitious growth plans.”

Jamie Wingrave
Jark Ipswich logo how it works

Jamie Wingrave

Managing Director – Jark Ipswich

Steve Thorne Wesley Wait
Thorne and Wait Logo how it works

Wesley Wait & Steve Thorne

Managing Directors – Thorne & Wait

“The Recruit Venture Group ensured there was no cost to our personal finances when we launched my business. With The Recruit Venture Group dealing with the finance we needed to launch and grow, we were able to avoid the stress that comes with dealing with banks and arranging funding.”

“We have seen people launch businesses and be forced to risk their house or they end up living off credit cards in the early days. With The Recruit Venture Group you know that will never happen; there is no financial risk and nothing to worry about. We was able to get my business off to a flying start because we was able to focus on sales and servicing my clients and candidates, not constantly worrying about whether we would have the finance we needed to support me and my business.

“The Recruit Venture Group’s risk-free investment gave me the peace of mind and security we needed to change my life and we have never looked back.”

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“My team and I at The Recruit Venture Group exist to make sure you don’t have to worry about all the time-sapping, money-draining, energy-wasting diversions that can distract a business owner.”

“We have helped over 55 recruiters, just like you, to launch and grow successful businesses and we know you’re most likely to succeed by being given the freedom to focus on what you do best, recruitment.

“Our professional Central Services Team will handle all of your accounts, payroll, credit control, legal, IT, HR and marketing support, meaning you can launch your business and do the same job you are doing now while multiplying your income.

“My team and I have got years of experience and we hand to you, on a plate, the exact resources you need to succeed. We are an extension to your team that will put you and your business at an unrivalled advantage.”

Paul Mizen Support
TRVG logo how it works

Paul Mizen

Managing Director – The Recruit Venture Group

Susan Roos How it works
Roos Recruitment logo how it works

Susan Roos

Managing Director – Roos Recruitment

“Thanks to The Recruit Venture Group’s support I was free to focus on building relationships with clients and candidates straight away.”

“I could focus on the important stuff that was going to drive revenues knowing that the administration side of my business was running smoothly. Every resource I needed in those early days was signposted and on-hand when I needed it most and that support remains in place today.

“As my business has grown, The Recruit Venture Group increase their level of support to match. They were geared up and ready when I wanted to expand.

“The support doesn’t just come from the Central Services team, Paul Mizen – The Managing Director of The Recruit Venture Group – offers one-to-one support and advice to give me and my business the best chance of success. The mentoring and support I have received from the team at The Recruit Venture Group has allowed me to build a profitable business quickly. My hard work is paying off.”

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“Since launching Carestaff with The Recruit Venture Group, we have achieved far more than we ever thought possible. My business has grown year on year since we launched and my income has changed significantly.”

“We are doing the same job we were doing before, but now we are doing it in our own business and the work that we put in is paying off.

“The Recruit Venture Group have fully supported and funded our plans to scale up our business, they have backed us to open our second branch and offer the best possible service to our clients and candidates. Nothing beats that feeling of watching your business grow, you really do feel you are working in the best business in the world; your own business.

“Launching a business is one thing, scaling it up and making it grow is another and The Recruit Venture Group’s support throughout that process gives you the best chance of success.”

Andy Mcgregor and Jonathan Royston Clair
Carestaff Bureau logo how it works

Andrew McGeorge & Jonathan Royston-Claire

Directors – Carestaff Bureau

Kim Russel Mak Personnel
MaK Personnel Logo How it Works

Kim Russell

Managing Director – MaK Personnel

“The Recruit Venture Group have helped me to grow MaK Personnel to where we are today, they have been there every step of the way.”

“When I spotted an opportunity to expand by turning our healthcare division into a sister company, The Recruit Venture Group backed me and helped me to quickly launch MaK Healthcare; their support allowed me to get to market quickly and start driving revenues.

“Scaling up with The Recruit Venture Group is simple and easy, the Central Services Team go above and beyond to support your growth plans.

“Everything you need to grow is available or signposted and Paul Mizen, The Recruit Venture Group’s Managing Director, offers mentoring and support to help you make a success of your growth plans.

“It’s my business, I have the final say on how I grow but I make the decisions knowing that I will have the support I need.”



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