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Who are we?

Meet the team at The Recruit Venture Group

Paul Mizen – Managing Director

Paul Mizen has worked in the recruitment industry for over 25 years, working within a range of sectors and was previously Managing Director of one of the UK’s largest independent recruitment agencies. Paul has been instrumental in supporting over 50 recruiters to launch and grow successful UK-based high-street recruitment businesses.  Paul’s passion is helping recruiters unlock their full potential and he strongly believes that with the right support every high performing recruiter has what it takes to launch and grow a successful and profitable recruitment business.

Paul Mizen Support

Paul Mizen

Managing Director

Neil Roger Financial Director

Neil Rogers

Financial Director

Neil Rogers – Financial Director

Neil Rogers has been working in recruitment since 2011 and has been a Finance Director for over 15 years. Neil is The Recruit Venture Group’s first point of contact for the banks and he oversees our in house finance team, consisting of teams in accounts, credit control and payroll. Neil and his team deal with the financial governance of The Recruit Venture Group, as well as incorporating management accountancy, tax, cash management and much more. Neil and his team will ensure that you have the funding in place to launch your business, as well as the investment you need to quickly scale up and grow.

Danny Parr – Business Launch and IT Director

Danny Parr has over 25 years’ experience supporting a huge range of businesses from Premier League football clubs to large public sector organisations. For the last 17 years Danny has been supporting businesses primarily in the recruitment sector, he oversees The Recruit Venture Group’s IT and Support teams ensuring our joint venture partners are free to focus on what they do best. Danny and his team offer a wide range of support including, but not limited to, Compliance, General Office Support, Human Resources, ICT, Marketing and much more.

Danny Parr Business and IT Director

Danny Parr

Business Launch Director



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