Why it all began…

We back entrepreneurial recruiters like you who want to
start and own your own recruitment business.

Recruit Ventures started in 2011, born of the post-recession opportunities we recognised in the recruitment industry. Our founders have been involved in the industry since the early 1990’s. In this time we have experienced and overcome many challenges both in business and in recruitment.

Throughout the recession we recognised there were swathes of good, experienced recruiters who suddenly had carpets whipped from under their feet, resources stripped and became vulnerable to the unprecedented climate they had found themselves in.

Greater pressure to sell and ever moving targets with less resources made many recruiters realise this could be the time to go it alone as they were practically doing it anyhow…!

Recruit Ventures was born…

Back in 2011 and still today there is, of course, one catch; the banks are no longer interested in lending money to people who have never run a business before…. especially for new ventures.

The thought of remortgaging your home or borrowing money from friends and families’ savings is risky, the inevitable awkwardness that could be caused if things were not to turn out a success could split close relationships forever, not a situation people generally like to be in. Equally so, funding your life on a credit card or bank loan is not going to last long…

There has to be a better route to get out and start on your own while retaining your lifestyle and integrity.

Just think for a minute… if you didn’t have to borrow money to get your business off the ground, you had funds to support your day to day living expenses and enough headroom in your accounts to take-on your biggest clients and biggest competitors, then, how much simpler and less daunting would the whole process of launch your own recruitment company be..?

Without the need for loans from banks, family and friends you could stop worrying about what would happen if you lost their money and concentrate on growing a great business… your business!

Discover what we can do for YOU!

Good experienced recruiters know what works… You know your potential for success and opportunity to earn money, but, for years that potential has been capped and replaced by a “salary” a well framed ‘dangling carrot’ for you to stay as an employee and only benefit from a “percentage” of your true potential earnings. Here is an opportunity to turn the tables….

You might be thinking…. “Being a successful Recruiter is one thing, launching and running a business on my own adds another level of complexity I’ve never had to deal with… payroll, staff, property, software, hardware, legal, HR and all that ‘stuff’ my employer currently takes care of…”

Well, don’t! All these classic issues, objections and uncertainties are taken care of with our blueprint for business. The Recruit Venture Group ensures ALL the above and more are taken care of.

You would be right to understand that these are needed and that’s why our blueprint gives you a solution to all these points and more straight off the bat…