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How Mary went from a desk consultant to Recruitment Business Owner

When Mary Cox launched GotPeople in 2011 her aim was to build a recruitment business that would deliver a secure future. Now, just ten years later, she’s set to sail off into retirement having sold the company in a 7-figure deal.

Mary Cox Recruitment Desk

Mary had worked tirelessly for years in recruitment running desks for other businesses and decided in 2011 it was time to do it for herself.

For some time, the fear of failing or not being able to meet the monthly bills had held Mary back from launching on her own and then in 2011 she discovered an investment partner in The Recruit Venture Group.

It was February 7th 2011.  I took my business idea for a new recruitment consultancy to The Recruit Venture Group. It was quite possibly the best day of my life when I look back now’ says Mary, I’m so thankful for The Recruit Venture Group. They provided the backing I needed which gave me the confidence and ability to go out on my own without the fear of financial restrictions or loss and we got trading with volume clients immediately’.

Launching GotPeople to Immediate Success

£1.5 million in first year of trade

GotPeople launched in late September 2011 and Mary produced a turnover of half a million in her first eight months of trading. She pushed the figure up to £1.5 million in the next, her first full, year. Within four years GotPeople had a turnover of £4million per annum.

Mary Cox GotPeople Awards

Getting to £4million per annum

Asked about the key to her business success Mary is forthright in her praise for The Recruit Venture Group. ‘If you’re a recruitment consultant, with the ambition to run your own consultancy, this is the way to do it. It gives you the perfect mix of support and autonomy.  It meant I could build my business quickly with full focus on what matters.

The rapid growth of turnover was, says Mary, generated because she could focus purely on recruitment, on the clients and candidates and forget all the back office and administration that would normally bog-down any new start-up.

A Proud Track Record of Profit

Mary is proud of GotPeople’s track record in generating not just turnover but, more importantly, healthy mark up, margins and gross profit. ‘They are the real keys to success’. Mary sees the support she’s had as a major factor in creating the right conditions for her and her team to drive the business forward.

You have to have the vision, and the drive’ she says. ‘That’s why The Recruit Venture Group back you. But when they back you – they back you all the way’.

Were there any major challenges along the way? ‘Of course,’ she says, ‘we faced the ups and downs that any business faces, but we were able to deal with them, ride them out, because we had the support of The Recruit Venture Group, under the inspiring leadership of Paul Mizen’.

Recruit Venture Group Award for Mary Cox

Within four years GotPeople had an annual turnover of £4million

Paul Mizen The Recruit Venture Group 2

Fantastic Example of Joint Venture Success

Paul Mizen, Managing Director of The Recruit Venture Group, speaking on the same day said, ‘We are thrilled for Mary. GotPeople is a fantastic example of the success that can come from being a joint venture with us. Our culture is rooted in the cycle of start, invest, support, grow – and ultimately succeed. We specialise in recruitment companies, because we’re experts in the sector.  We’re there to enable. To encourage. To facilitate. And we’re there for our joint venture partners through the entire journey, helping them meet the daily challenges of running a business’.

The success speaks for itself

This last year of course has brought the unprecedented demands and challenges of Covid. “Even then’, Mary adds, ‘The Recruit Venture Group were there for us. As they have been throughout the whole journey’ they have been instrumental in my success, at every stage. Even my brand was created with their help and input’.

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