Mak Personnel - a standout start-up


The MaK Personnel story stands out for several reasons.

Firstly, because among all The Recruit Venture Group partnerships, MaK Personnel has a particularly interesting ‘backstory’.

Why? Because founder and Managing Director Kim Russell had tried a joint venture before she partnered with The Recruit Venture Group

Names don’t matter but suffice it to say that the relationship with her previous backer wasn’t a happy experience. Initially, back in 2001, Kim saw what she thought was an exciting alternative to being just another under-valued employee.

So, armed with a credible 5-year business plan, 23 years recruitment experience, copious amount of energy and enthusiasm, the next 10 years saw both her business and personal bank accounts flourished.

‘We were acknowledged as one of the joint venture success stories with £500k on our balance sheet. However, the plc board financial support was rapidly withdrawn when in 2011 our company sustained a bad debt. Our autonomy abruptly ceased and threats were made in respect of a charge on our homes. This was not the dream we were sold. As a solid business model, we had delivered in good times but our backers had failed to deliver in bad.

During our tenure, we turned over £42.3 million, paid £1.9 million in management charges at a rate of 4.5% and after all costs made a net profit of £932,427 – more than sufficient to sustain a bad debt of £650k. It was a huge anomaly in their accounting! I saw the plc company as not honest and trustworthy business partners who had made the vital mistake of undervaluing our commitment and contribution as a JV. It was very shabby treatment! “

But, one wrong turning was hardly likely to deter or defeat someone like Kim Russell. With all those years’ experience in recruitment and a real desire to ‘do things her way,’ Kim decided a change of plan was called for.

She contacted The Recruit Venture Group to find out more about the support on offer.

As she says, “As a seasoned recruiter with considerable experience, I was not, as you’ll know, unfamiliar with the joint venture concept; but The Recruit Venture Group solution was different”.

The difference was that Kim could see that decisions would be her decisions. She would choose the direction her company would take.

Up and running, the business would take another turn when Kim and her original partner decided to go their separate ways. Still undaunted and still determined Kim focused on what she does best.  Finding and retaining clients, developing new business relationships and, just as crucially, attracting first-class job seekers.

Able to focus on those key disciplines because of the financial input and business back-up she had from The Recruit Venture Group, Kim has developed MaK Personnel into a significant force on the East Anglian recruitment scene.

The business now has two divisions, one focused on the Industrial, Commercial, Corporate Hospitality and Catering sectors,  and the other,  Mak Healthcare, which is now established itself as a credible healthcare recruitment partner.

When Kim launched MaK Personnel she envisaged a brand based on the idea of offering ‘refreshing’ recruitment solutions. She’s achieved it, and that’s something else that makes the business stand out. From its striking website and branding through to the expert, and innovative service the team delivers, MaK Personnel is an invigorating and exciting company.

What’s more, Kim and her team were recently awarded Team of the Year at The Recruit Venture Group Recruitment Awards, a true statement of ongoing business success.

If you are inspired by Kim’s story and would like to know more about launching your own business and the support that The Recruit Venture Group provides to entrepreneurial recruiters, Click Here.

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