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Glynne Dyer had reached a point in his career where the time was right for him to start building another recruitment business.

“Having dreamed of starting my own agency for a while, it was great to be introduced to The Recruit Venture Group by a former business colleague, and current Joint Venture Partner of the group.

“I was quickly aware of the outstanding funding and back office support package they offered recruiters like me. It gave me the opportunity to launch Vanta Staffing – my very own recruitment business.”

Glynne Dyer had always had drive and ambition, but every time he’d used his energy to open and manage a successful and profitable recruitment office, it had been for his employers.

As an experienced and well-regarded recruiter, he thought it was time to launch the next one – and this time it would be his.

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“The Recruit Venture Group offered me a complete package of finance and support.”

“I’d been in the recruitment business for almost twenty years. Why was I using all of that experience in managing an agency to benefit others?

“Honesty and transparency are vital. Creating bespoke client solutions is essential.

“I can now take my business in the direction I want it to go and become a success in my own right”.

Glynne was able to build the best team he could find to take his business forward and because he launched with The Recruit Venture Group there was no financial constraints to hold him and his business back.

Every resource Glynne needed was made available or signposted, there was no living off credit cards or bank loans to support his business and his family; he had financial security from day one.

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“The Recruit Venture Group offered me a complete package of finance and support. Their model is bespoke to recruitment and aimed at people like me; recruitment professionals who want to start their own business”.

 ‘The unique experience of working with The Recruit Venture Group has inspired me to deliver a unique recruitment experience for clients and candidates”.

“With their backing to launch my business, and access to their back office to operate it, The Recruit Venture Group turned my dream into Vanta Staffing. My own recruitment business.

“If you a recruitment consultant looking to do something different then I can’t recommend The Recruit Venture Group highly enough.”

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