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Following the success of Pebble People, Harry Bowden’s original joint venture with The Recruit Venture Group, Harry has since launched a dedicated driving business United Drivers.

This subsidiary business was born after Pebble People’s driving division enjoyed rapid growth, and United Drivers benefited from full support from The Recruit Venture Group’s launch and support teams.

Harry said: “When I first approached The Recruit Venture Group about United Drivers they backed me 100%, they got why I wanted to do it and provided all the investment and resources I needed.

Harry felt that the opportunities which would open up by launching United Drivers were too good to miss and he was delighted with how The Recruit Venture Group backed him.

Company Details

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Recruiter Since


August 2016


May 1995


“It’s a great model, the finance I needed was all in place and I was able to spend my time growing my business”

“Together, we worked out how the United Drivers brand was going to look and feel, they took what I wanted and delivered.

“I was able to recruit the best consultants I could find to strengthen my driving division ahead of the launch of United Drivers, everything that could be done to give the business the best possible chance of success was done.”

United Drivers was born because Harry felt his driving division needed an identity to grow and expand from its Northamptonshire roots.

“I didn’t feel under pressure to justify my division, I explained what I wanted to do and why I felt it would help the business and that was it.

“No one was telling me don’t do this or do that, I had the autonomy to make United Drivers happen with the support I needed to launch it properly.

“If I had launched on my own, without The Recruit Venture Group, finding the funding would have been difficult but that’s one of the many great things about being a joint venture.”

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