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Moving my business forward under my own direction

Scott Treacher launched Total Support Recruitment in June 2019 with support and backing from The Recruit Venture Group.

Total Support Recruitment supply staff to the aviation, commercial, driving and industrial sectors across the UK from their offices in Rugby and Scott is delighted with how things have turned out.

“I always had a good feeling about launching with The Recruit Venture Group and its turned out really well,” he said.

“The support on offer is second to none; everything you need to launch and grow a successful recruitment agency is available.

“Having that support behind you allows you and your team to hit the ground running and start building revenues from day one.

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June 1994

Aviation, Commercial, Driving, Industrial

Having that support behind you allows you to hit the ground running and start building revenues from day one

“Anyone can launch a business but it is not easy to grow and scale up, that’s the real test for any business and I know we can achieve all that with The Recruit Venture Group’s backing.”

Scott was able to build the best team he could find to help him launch his business and says that in almost 30 years in the industry launching Total Support Recruitment was one of the best decisions he has ever made.

“I have been in recruitment a long time but nothing compares to this, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to launch my own businesses with The Recruit Venture Group.

“My advice to any successful, high-billing recruiter would be that you can do this and that with The Recruit Venture Group it is easier to do than you would have ever imagined.

“The whole process from initial idea to open the office doors on day one was very quick and throughout it all you can focus on what really matters because there is a team behind you looking after the back office side of the business.”

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