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Tom Brooke had been in recruitment for 12 years when he decided that the time had come to break out on his own.

With a proven record in competitive sectors, Tom knew that he was good enough at his job to go it alone and after years of exceeding targets he was ready to do exactly that.

He joined forces with The Recruit Venture Group, the largest venture partner of their kind in the UK to launch Staff365 a Rotherham-based multi sector recruitment agency.

Since launch, Tom has not looked back.

He said: “It was a big decision, I had a good job and was earning good money but giving all that up to run my own business was definitely the right decision.

“I am doing the same job I have always done but now I am doing it in my own business knowing that my hard work is going to benefit me and my family.

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“It’s a great model, the finance I needed was all in place and I was able to spend my time growing my business”

“Staff365 is my business to take where I want to take it, I have all the support I need with the autonomy that comes with being the boss of your own business.”

Tom’s agency embraces his own recruitment philosophy, something he feels very strongly about.

“We are only as good as the staff we recruit for your business, the quality of work we provide you as a worker and overall the reliable service we give to everyone,” he said.

“That’s why we focus on adding that little bit of extra value where possible, my team and I are happy to do more so that you can do less.”

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Deciding to launch his business with The Recruit Venture Group has allowed Tom to focus on implementing his own recruitment philosophy while a team of experts dealt with the back office side of his business.

Tom didn’t have to worry about the finance he needed to launch his business and the investment he needed to grow was all provided by The Recruit Venture Group.

“It’s a great model, the finance I needed was all in place and I was able to spend my time growing my business by focusing on recruitment.”

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