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Senior Salmon’s Start Up Success Story

Martyn Salmon and Jamie Senior launched Senior Salmon in Spring 2012.

The duo decided to launch on their own because they were fed up of someone else benefitting from their excellent performance and hard work, they wanted to do something that would benefit them.

Martyn and Jamie met The Recruit Venture Group and decided that the time was right for them to break out on their own and take back control of their career.

With The Recruit Venture Group’s support the pair launched Senior Salmon and have successfully grown the business to one of the Midlands leading recruiters.

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January 2019


May 2006

Commercial, Driving, Engineering, Industrial

“It’s a great model, the finance we needed was all in place and we were able to spend my time growing our business”

Martyn Salmon believes one of the reasons behind Senior Salmon’s success is that they were able to hit the ground running with support from The Recruit Venture Group.

He said: “The Recruit Venture Group took the hassle out of starting up, they allowed Jamie and I to focus on sales from day one and that’s how we were able to quickly grow and scale up.

“We were able to start winning business and filling jobs from day one, The Recruit Venture Group provided us with everything we needed from the off so there was nothing to hold us back in those early days.”

As Senior Salmon grew so did the level of support provided by The Recruit Venture Group as Jamie Senior explains.

“The ongoing support they provide is excellent and they are always at the end of the phone should we need anything. The back office team is the best we have ever worked with, I would recommend them to anyone.

“With The Recruit Venture Group’s support we were able to grow rapidly without worrying about investment or resources, we couldn’t have done that on our own.”

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