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Scott Saunders had spent over a decade at the same company as a recruitment consultant before taking the plunge and launching his own business in September 2018.

He admits it was something he always had a desire to do, but never quite backed himself until he met The Recruit Venture Group and understood the support and resources he would have by his side.

“Dreaming of launching your own business and making it happen are two very different things.

“When you have a good job and are settled it is difficult to take a risk and turn away from it, but with The Recruit Venture Group’s support I wasn’t taking a risk.

“They provide 100% risk-free funding and you are guaranteed a salary from day one, the model removes the risks that put me off launching on my own in the past.

“The support structure is a great addition to your team, you have a team of experts on hand who take care of all your IT, Payroll, Credit Control, HR, Accounts and Marketing; that’s something you just wouldn’t have as a solo start up.”

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“Dreaming of launching your own business and making it happen are two very different things.”

The Savvy boss believes his business is well placed to find candidates that other recruitment agencies would fail to spot because they strongly embrace the latest technology to provide the best possible recruitment solutions.

Scott’s business, SolviT Recruitment, based in Lutterworth, covers the Midlands providing staffing solutions to the commercial, hospitality, industrial and manufacturing sectors.

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“By taking advantage of the latest digital and social media technology we have access to networks of candidates that other traditional agencies are missing,” Scott said.

“That means SolviT will be able to fill your vacancy quicker, securing the skills you need faster, so you can focus on driving your business forward.

“We are able to do this because of the first class IT and digital support provided by The Recruit Venture Group.

“Clients are fed up of recruiters going on and on about the candidate shortage, I am proud to be in control of an agency that is tackling the problem head on.”

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