Laura Barber and Joanne Gooch had decades of experience in recruitment but launching their own agency was still a daunting prospect for them both.

Resolve Personnel


“We knew there was a place in the market for a flexible provider, committed to long term client relationships, and meeting the needs of all sectors. We also knew that to offer all that meant we needed efficient, reliable back office systems from day one and we got it, from The Recruit Venture Group.  In fact, we got more than that. With sound financial backing from the group, we didn’t need to go to the banks, and our cash flow was covered. We got training and input on running the business, and massive help with our branding.”Behind it, all was the backup. Road tested, industry compatible back office systems that mean we can operate quickly, accurately, and profitable!” “As Resolve Personnel, we’ve  built a reputation for reliability and service, building relationships, and a brand. And it’s our business. Not a franchise, but our own agency. Key to it all has been the backing of The Recruit Venture Group and the help they gave us to establish the back-up that makes our business work.”