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Resolute Recruitment launched by ambitious and experienced duo

Mark Knight and Steve Borondy launched Resolute Recruitment in February 2020, after working together at a national recruitment firm.

The duo possesses a combined 15 years’ recruitment experience and decided the time was right for them to break out on their own after many years of thinking about making that leap.

Mark and Steve are now doing the same job they have always done, but are now doing it in their own business and they know that their hard work is going to pay dividends.

Steve said: “It’s the ultimate career move, when it is your own agency you are not just a manager in name only.

“You are actually building your own future and are in complete control of your income.

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February 2020


October 2009

Commercial, Driving, Industrial

Resolute Recruitment, which is based in Coventry, is a multi-sector recruitment agency covering the commercial, driving and industrial sectors across the Midlands and beyond.

The agency’s directors launched with ambitious growth plans and plenty of passion for the job they do best.

Mark explains how partnering with The Recruit Venture Group to launch Resolute Recruitment was a brilliant decision.

“They (The Recruit Venture Group) were brilliant, the launch process was so smooth and everything was done to the highest standards.

“We have all the autonomy we want with all the support we could ever need.

“Every resource was signposted and our business was created from scratch in a matter of weeks.

“Really they gave us everything we needed to hit the ground running from day one.”

Having worked in the recruitment industry for many years, the duo would have no hesitation in recommending The Recruit Venture Group to other consultants, who are thinking about breaking out on their own.

Steve said: “100% I would recommend The Recruit Venture Group; they are a great group of people who are all experts in their own areas.

“They give you all the information you need to make informed decisions,” he said.

“The support package is unrivalled,” added Mark.

“To have such an experienced and professional team behind you from day one, is something most start-ups could only dream of.

“As we grow, that support will be able to quickly scale-up to accommodate our growth.”

Resolute Recruitment was The Recruit Venture Group’s second recruitment agency launch of 2020, with two new enterprises open by the end of February we remain committed to our ambitious growth plans.

Paul Mizen, Managing Director of The Recruit Venture Group said, “I am looking forward to seeing Resolute Recruitment grow and expand.

“One of the best things about doing what we do is seeing experienced recruiters unlock their full potential.”

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