Jark Ipswich

Conscious that the constructionn desk of their business was suffering, business owner Jamie Wingrave implemented a tactical marketing strategy to help increase volume and improve their local reputation.

Using a simple, yet a very effective promotional bag of goodies and essential teatime treats comically named The Jark Bag, the team visited every single building site within a 30-mile radius of their office, meeting over 175 site managers to reassure clients and promote their businesses. This excellent networking strategy has become a proven success, clients call them first to fill their vacancies and word of mouth referrals have become a regular occurrence.

Jark Ipswich is now recognised and highly regarded by local construction businesses as an honest, forthright, professional supplier of good quality candidates.

Still, clients ask Where’s the biscuits, so the office now has mugs with that statement printed to remind them of the success of their campaign.

Social Media had never really been one of the advertising tools the business had adopted, interested in testing the water, they launched a Facebook campaign to attract local candidates. In a short period of time they had acquired thousands of followers, built a local network and now promote their jobs daily to thousands of hires, free of charge in a few simple clicks.

“ Our number of walk-ins has increased rapidly since we implemented these simple changes, lowering our advertising bill which is always good” – said Jamie Wingrave, owner of Jark Ipswich. 


Judges’ Comments

We were impressed with the simple idea of a “Jark bag”, low value, brand building idea which proved to be really effective by the amount of business it ultimately created for their business.

Recruitment Innovation 2017 Winner


Barr Personnel

Jark Hull

Pebble People

Jark Norfolk

Recruitment Innovation 2017

Innovation can be defined as the process of implementing new ideas or enhancing existing ones to add value to your business. The finalists have demonstrated just that, using innovation to add value to their recruitment service offering and help to generate real business success.

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