Joint Winners

Got People

Got People

GotPeople has grown solidly from strength to strength since they began in 2011 and over the past 12 months have achieved exceptional profit and growth. They have acquired a solid business and support it with a dynamic team of consultants and administrative staff.

They have delivered great performance, continual service and innovated using social media to attract new candidates and reinforce their brand. Every member of their team is focused on the vision of the business and aware of the impact margin has on their overall success. They are knowledgeable, reliable, and responsive and support each other to achieve real results. All their clients receive a gold level of service and many view them as an extension of the HR function rather than simply another agency.  They offer advice and support on strategy and fulfillment and are highly respected by their clients and candidates alike and support the local community with charity events and open sessions from time to time.

Recruitment Agency of the Year 3m to 6m 2017 Winner

Jark Norfolk

Jark Norfolk

The success of Jark Norfolk over the past 12 months has ultimately been due to the team leading the business. Under the direction of its owner Kelly Cartwright, the business has grown significantly in sales and net profit, increasing its number of temps three-fold by the end of the financial year.

Investments were made to increase brand awareness to over 300 construction sites across Norfolk and this has paid off. Client referrals have continued to grow, reinforced by the service and support Kelly and her team provide for their businesses and a proactive approach is undertaken by the team to seek candidates who fit a role whether or not they are currently seeking a new position at the time. This has proved beneficial in securing new assignments for candidates whose work was coming to an end.

Jark Norfolk always go the extra mile for the clients and their candidates, it’s the personal touch they offer and the professional support they deliver which makes them a success.


Judges’ Comments

Both GotPeople and Jark Norfolk both achieved exceptional growth, profit, and productivity over the past 12 months. It was hard to choose just one winner for this category and therefore it was decided that they are both are worthy to receive this award.


Jark Tottenham

Universal Personnel

Jark Worcester

Recruitment Agency of the Year £3m to £6m 2017

The finalists have impressed the judges with not only their sales performance during the past 12 months but also the exceptional ways they have run their businesses, focusing on their industry knowledge, client delivery, customer experience and use of innovation to help them grow and succeed.

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